Old friends, new friends

Today our friends Mike and Candice Baird (from our youthful days in Utah) stop by while they were in the area visiting his brother. (Yeah right, we know you guys came out here to see us.) We’ve been friends ever since an air hockey game brought us together…way back when…truthfully, we almost bailed before we met you guys that night, glad we didn’t! Anyways, I’ll spare you the awesomeness of the fun we had in Utah, but I will say that they got me hooked on The Office, so that should tell you right there how cool these two are! lol. Now they have two little bebes of their own! Twinners. Wow, and I thought it was hard with one! Isaac and Josslyn are their cute mini me’s. We had fun catching up and eating Togo’s, and the babies had fun…lying/sitting next to each other. hehe.

Yes, Sadie looks monstrous in this picture. She’s drowning in her 6-9 month pants, but the 3-6 are too short. Oh well. Things were going well…until..

Sadie got a friendly poke and didn’t handle it too well. We’ll have to teach her to be tougher.

Then we figured we’d better get a picture with the four of us! Now…we have to plan our trip to Utah….


  1. It was fun! Thanks for lunch!! Josslyn’s sorry she poked Sadie.

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