Christmas in the Park

Today Cassy and I packed up the kiddos and headed to downtown San Jose for Christmas in the Park. I had never been, so Cassy explained that basically they put up a BUNCH of trees and various community groups and school classes and etc decorate them. Anyways…we took the light rail train downtown…I haven’t done that for awhile!

Sadie’s first train ride!

Oh, and what’s that on the mountains…er…hills? Snow! Yes, snow.

Cutie pie break!

Once we got there we had fun meandering through the trees and dodging what seemed like thousands of elementary school kids on field trips.

My favorite was this Monsters Inc tree! We also got lots of fun crafty ideas for ornaments!

Hi Cassy and Rayne…having fun?

Cutie pie break again!

A pic of us…we don’t get these as much anymore. Our kids are just more fun to take pictures of!

Here’s one exception…time for a goofy tree face pic!


  1. That was a fun little trip. Soon we can do fun little trips without the initial 30 minute car ride! Yes!!

  2. Sweet! I went to some night time celebration for this with my aunt when I was younger. They had apple cider in these black, octagon-shaped plastic mugs, and (dork/pack rat that I was) I had it in my room in Gilroy like forever.
    Wish I could’ve done something fun like that, but alas, read my blog. I’ve been down and out all week.

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