Merry Christmas…..card idea!

 (our Christmas card this year, from Shutterfly) Just wanted to pop in before the holidays and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! Also to share a fun idea for your Christmas cards, make sure you hang on to them this year.... I saw this idea awhile back of punching holes in the Christmas cards you get in the mail, then … [Read more...]

simple doily cardstock ornament tutorial

I just adore making ornaments! I have so many ideas that I may or may not have gotten overwhelmed, curled up into a ball, and listened to Christmas music instead of making them.Just kidding....not that that sounds like a bad idea or anything....So! Here's my short little how to! These would be adorable in felt, and plain circles would be really … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween from a bunch of ponies!

 (Sorry about the iphone pics....well not really that sorry but I didn't want to lug out my DSLR so...moving on.)Happy Halloween from a bunch of ponies! Rainbow Dash and Applejack to be more specific. We had our church trunk or treat party last Saturday so the girls got to wear their costumes-they loved it! Surprisingly a lot of people knew who … [Read more...]

my little pony Applejack costume

Hooray! With only days to spare I finally made Charlotte's Halloween costume. Slacker much? I only say that because I made Sadie's a whole like....2 months ago. I've told you before I don't like making most things twice, right? Anyways...I finally buckled down and love how it turned does Miss C, which is what really matters right?! She … [Read more...]


I know, I know...I'm supposed to be taking a break. (I did say "more or less", but I digress) I had to show you guys this little Graham cracker Nativity that I made-usually I do a little cottage/country scene, and so when I announced something else was in the works there were audible gasps from almost everyone in the room.SHOCKING. Anyway, I had … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween from a bunch of geeks!

Star Wars geeks, that is. Well, our family costume theme started when a friend lent me an Ewok costume, then it all kind of came together in the last week. Sadie LOVED being Princess Leia, and everyone seemed to recognize her easily, which she liked. We had our church trunk or treat (handing out candy from the back of cars in the parking lot, safe … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope it was a great one. We  Sadie had a blast finding eggs at my parent's house (well, Charlotte included) and even was able to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection on the Savior's sacrifice for us during the day. I call that a great Easter.   My sister sewed her dress! cute no? I believe my mom helped her as well. Some of you may … [Read more...]

christmas decor

It's not much, but I wanted to show you a few of my favorite and new Christmas decorations! I usually have teal, green, and white plates hanging here, but I searched around a couple of thrift stores and found some Christmas ones. My favorite is the Cookies for Santa plate-perfect for Christmas Eve! I got all of the christmas ones for under $6. I … [Read more...]

felt ornaments

I went a little crazy making some fun felt ornaments this year. I used this free pattern and tutorial-and they were so fun to embellish! Besides the smelly fabric glue headache, of course. I used a wool felt blend-I get mine here. I added some cool trims and such I had lying around. In hindsight, I probably should have stuffed them a bit more...but … [Read more...]

christmasy table runner

Hey you guys! I wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments this week-I haven't been as good at responding to comments lately, sorry about that. A particular little miss hasn't been sleeping too well...but it's getting better so yay. Just wanted to share with you this simple table runner I made for our coffee table. It needed some Christmas … [Read more...]