Stan and the Zinns

Hello. This is Stan. He went to live with the Zinn family this past Sunday. Who are the Zinns, you say? Dixie Zinn was my Mia Maid instructor/advisor (?) for me when I was in Young Women. She was an awesome leader, and a wonderful friend to me. She listened to me, laughed with me, and is a great example of a mother and wife. I remember calling her when I got engaged, I was so excited to tell her all about Rory and our plans. Sadly, they were moving to Texas right before the wedding! Darn…after that we lost touch, you know how it is.

A few weeks ago, I got a message on facebook from Dixie “Could this be Jessica Lance?” I replied” YES YES it is!” I was so excited to hear from her and even more excited to hear they had moved back to the Bay Area about a year ago. So, we got invited to dinner Sunday night. Back to Stan, Dixie is having a baby boy in May! So obviously I had to make her some stuff! Hence Stan was born. Of course, you can name him anything you’d like. 😀

Anyways, we had a delicious dinner, and a great time catching up! Their kids were still so little when they lived here, so it was strange but cool to see how much they’d grown up! Rory and David seemed to get along great! They talked shop for awhile and they’re planning on a tour of Rory’s Dad’s shop soon! Dixie and Sadie had a great time hanging out, and Sadie actually fell asleep on her lap later on in the evening. So she really liked you Dixie! She doesn’t do that with just anyone! I wish I’d brought my camera for a picture of us, but oh well. We hope it’s the beginning of many fun evenings…next up, a Wii competition at our house. Game on!


  1. We had so much fun with your family! I’m sorry about the visit from the elders. But, we will definitely have much more time to catch up and have fun together.
    I didn’t know the dinosaur’s name was Stan. I like that name. It fits him.
    We are up to a WII challenge any time. Bring it on!

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