Emma Lion books and mini book nook

Book Review corner! I have so many books to share but I must implore you to read these books, make haste! They are NOT to be missed. They will make you laugh, cry……laugh UNTIL you cry, and every emotion in between. They are called The Unselected Journals of Emma Lion and there are 7 volumes out right now! Impeccable writing, insanely like … [Read more...]

Disneyland map cross stitch project

I started this cross stitch on March 13th, 2020, basically the day Covid really started for most of us. It took me 10 months to finish, but I did finish it! It really was a labor of lov-wait no. A labor of boredom, stress, anxiety, and a coping mechanism. HA! It did give me a creative outlet and something to do for the hours on end we were stuck at … [Read more...]

easy globe makeover

  I've been making over a few of my globes lately, and this one is the latest! I'll add a pic at the bottom of my Death Star! It's awesome if I do say so myself. ;) I started with this one-love the size and that it's made of metal, but the colors weren't really blending in with my new decor. (I've been redecorating the past 7 months or … [Read more...]

star wars cross stitch

I only now, into February, remembered I can finally share this cross stitch I made for a Christmas gift! I'm nothing if not affected by preggo brain. I got my bro in law Dan in our name drawing for homemade gift (we have different opt in categories like this one, food, gag, and media), and my sister said he was on a Star Wars kick (who isn't?), … [Read more...]

easy DIY paint organizer

I really want to whip my sewing/craft room into shape this year. I've been working on it for awhile, getting more organized and weeding out the stuff I don't use, but this year I really would love to paint the walls, and maybe a new table for my sewing machines, since I'm still sewing on a folding table, lol. And it shakes when I really get going. … [Read more...]

fox in sock….puppets for Books Alive

Hi I'm Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional! If you have kids (or even if not!) you've probably read a few Dr. Suess books. Or many of them...we have a whole stack of them! (I prefer the board books, honestly...they're shorter haha! I'm not much of an "out loud" reader) Anyways, the rhyming words of Fox In Socks has always made my girls … [Read more...]

DIY color blocked painted utensils

I am super dee duper excited to share with you these adorable color-blocked painted utensils! I made them for my "mommy friends"  (as Sadie calls them....we usually exchange Valentines along side the kiddos at my annual Valentine party-if you are a friend of mine-LOOK AWAY. Or at least act surprised....), and I'm smitten. I grabbed some nice bamboo … [Read more...]

RE-LOVE your stuff: stenciled dresser drawers

First off-wow! I won the details week of Project Run and Play! I am so honored and flattered! The other outfits have been soo amazing, I'm just excited to be up there with them. Thanks for voting! Here it is! My other stencil project that worked out better. Although I reeeally need to learn how to place stencils better...there's a few places that … [Read more...]

Re-Love your old stuff-bulletin board makeover

  I am excited today to share with you a project I did for the Michaels RE-Love Blogger Challenge! Many of us have old items around our home that are a little worn or outdated....and of course, most of you know that with a little creativity (paint, glue, bling, etc.) you can take that old item and turn into something you love again. Not to … [Read more...]

how to: stamp carving

aka: the REAL post of the day... lolCarving stamps is so fun, guys! And really, really addicting. I have been carving random ones while watching tv, and it's really relaxing. Carve your stress away, peeps! Anyways-here's a quick how to and some tips! What I used:Speedball cutting tool-comes with five differently shaped cutters- and has easy … [Read more...]