new look for the blog, fabric shopping, and a little bit of Ava

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't....the blog has gotten a makeover! I'm so excited for this fresh new look-it's got my favorite colors (minus coral, I didn't want to totally match Ava's nursery), some new features, and a sleek new design. Up on top you can navigate to the Home, About, Tutorials, Patterns (soon! So excited about this!), … [Read more...]

bracelets for Craft Hope

You've probably heard of Craft Hope before, but it's an awesome organization that chooses a cause or need, and then puts the call out to crafters everywhere to fill it. They've had many different types of projects in the past, and I've participated a few times. It's always fun and it's so nice to give back when you can. It reminds me of how … [Read more...]

valentine’s day play date

I hosted a Valentine's Day play date and exchange today for Sadie and Charlotte's little friends (and mommies)-and it was so much fun! I didn't do too much decorating, but I did do these Conversation heart word garlands-which I LOVE. I cut them out of card stock on my Silhouette and taped them to some thread. Hung them up by winding the … [Read more...]

it’s a…….party!

if you're dying to know what we're having (boy or girl), skip to the end if you must.if you can stand waiting til the end of the post, continue reading about our "baby gender reveal" party! this party almost didn't happen! i had been planning it for a few weeks, and had my ultrasound scheduled for this afternoon. (friday) well, i get a call … [Read more...]

baby boy “shower”

the baby shower was a success! at least as far as i could tell. i just loved planning it, obviously i took the "shower" and "umbrella" theme, and ran with it. too cute, huh? of course, once the party actually started, i forgot to take pictures of actual people...but i promise you there were people there. so anyways, here are some party … [Read more...]

i love swapping

i did a swap on etsy recently, with a new bloggy friend, kristen. she makes THE cutest hair clips. (i mean it) she has two little girls, so i made them some ruffle shirts, and she made sadie some clips...i love them. my fav is the grey ruffly one. swoon. sadie loves them too, i'm pretty sure she knows exactly what they're for. (to make her … [Read more...]

party pics

my uncle scott, who is a photographer and artist (website here), stopped by the party for a bit, and took some awesome pictures for me! i wish he could follow me around and photograph my life. i am camera hungry now. rory, can i have a new camera? what? we just bought an elliptical? oh yeah. hmm. what can i sell? anyways, on to the photos! most … [Read more...]

photo booth

i found this super creative idea here, and although we had some hiccups, like a broken lamp and such, it still was fun! i don't think i'll try it again anytime soon. lol. … [Read more...]

sadie’s minnie party

well, strap yourselves in. lots of pictures ahead. i told you, i'm a sucker for details. sadie's party went great! it was a lot of fun for us, and i think she enjoyed having all her favorite people in one place! who wouldn't? we go: him again i made these little minnie and mickey ears for people to wear with pipe cleaners, felt, a … [Read more...]

swimming and seats

today included: a trip to joann'sa trip to targeta trip to chipotle for lunch (with rory)a trip to a swimming pooland yes, a new car seat! a big girl one. can't believe it's come to that already. she looks so cute in it. in the store she sat in this one and got a big ol grin on her face. it ended up being the one we liked, so...worked out for … [Read more...]