what’s with all this posting?

There’s just too much fun stuff going on, that’s all. Today my mom and the other twin moms in the ward threw a shower for our bishop’s wife who’s having twins but who’s moving to Utah in a few weeks. Phew. That woman is a trooper with a capital T! We’re going to miss Marcie so much! I work with her in Primary, and she is such a great friend and example of a great mom for me. Of course I had a blast making her a bunch of baby stuff! There were some bibs, matching onesies, burp clothes, and these ADorABle outfits. The fabric just makes them!

I’ve gotta say I am in love with those little shorts! They’re having a boy and a girl if you couldn’t tell from the clothes.

Here’s Sadie doing her Sadie thing, trying to grab people’s noses or whatever. She was perfectly well behaved the whole shower. Such a good baby. I am definitely being spoiled with her.

Here is super cute Marcie and not so cute me. She looks great for being 27 weeks, huh? When we did the guess how big she is with the yarn game, everyone but one person guessed too big!

Lastly, had to make Sadie some summer shorts out of this great plaid my mom scored for me for $1 yard. It’s 60 inch wide fabric too, so I have a ton of it. These shorts probably cost me like 50 cents in materials to make…and maybe 10 minutes of my time. Can’t beat that!


  1. I want to know where you find all the patterns to make these things! And I am realizing that I might do more sewing if I had a stash like yours! hehe.

  2. Those shorts are too cute! I am always so impressed with your skills! Love the little outfits, too. You rock!

  3. Marcie looks great! It’s been so long since I’ve seen her. She is a wonderful person. She and my sister were missionary companions and she and I were visiting teaching companions until I moved.
    Love the outfits you made! You’ll have to make matching shorts for yourself with the extra fabric.

  4. Very cute, Love the shorts and I agree with Dixie you should make yourself something with the leftover plaid so you and Sadie will match:)

  5. Wow…you guys had a packed weekend! I just barely made an outfit for Amelia out of the Apples and Pears fabric too! I will post a pic tomorrow…maybe!

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