Bonfante-Gilroy Gardens

Betcha didn’t know we Gilroyans have our own theme park. Yep we are THAT cool. Today Aimee, Kim, and I packed up the kiddos, shoved three full size strollers, three carseats, and ourselves, into Kim’s car, and headed off into the heat. And boy, it was HOT. We still managed to have some fun!

Sadie had the most fun on the carousel. She loves those things.

The strawberries she was not so sure about. They even made me dizzy.

We got pretty wet at a few water features, it felt good but dried too fast! The highlight was the cold slurpee enjoyed on the way out. YUm. Strawberry lemonade. I almost didn’t get one but was glad I did.
After a nap for Sadie, we headed to my Grandma’s house for dinner. She served some DE-licious anti pasto, which consisted of olive foccacia bread (Oh my heavens!), ham, cheese, cantalope, olives, green beans, peppers, etc. All eaten with your hands if you choose, it was perfect for Sadie to nibble on! It was so delicious and perfect for this hot summer day! For dessert we had apple rhubarb strawberry cobbler. Wow. Sadie loved that, as did we all. My Grandpa raved! After dinner, we enjoyed some time chatting and watching Sadie play with the blocks that I played with as a kid. Full circle…so fun! Thanks for having us Grandma. We look forward to Rory’s return home tomorrow night! Can’t wait! REALLY. NEED A BREAK. just kidding, it’s not too bad.


  1. Such a fun day with friends and family! I am glad you found a way to keep cool when it was so hot:)

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