Happy Birthday to me…

I'm 24 now!! I don't feel any different! haha. This is what I woke up to this morning, isn't Rory sweet? He even scrambled some eggs, which, for those of you who don't know him, he hates! lol. That's love! He still owes me flowers though. My wonderful mother in law watched the baby while we (Mom, Grandma, Janae, Joanna, and Cassy) went to Todai's … [Read more...]

oh, fun times!

Cassy and Rayne came down to play today, and when I say play, I mean Cassy and I had a massive craving for spinach dip, so it was all an elaborate ruse to get her down here. haha. just kidding. The kiddos had fun! Mostly Rayne brought Sadie toys and tried to give her the pacifier. We watched The Little Mermaid, which is my favorite Disney movie, … [Read more...]

Can I come over and play?

Today Sadie and I went up to San Jose to make bread at Cassy's, but it ended up being more like play day for everyone! I had a blast playing around with Rayne, and also having some grown up talking time with Cass once Rayne went down for her nap. Sadie was so cute, she crashed for her nap right on her changing mat. At least she's not picky about … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Rayne!

Saturday was Rayne's second birthday party, but today is her actual birthday, sooo Cassy tell her from Caca and Rory and Sadie- Happy Birthday Rayne! The theme was Princesses, and Cassy made a super cute pink crown cake (which yours truly frosted) and fun food that you can see on her blog. The spinach dip was YUM. I think I ate half of it! lol. … [Read more...]

I Heart Photo Booths

They're so fun and I feel like a little kid again whenever I find one and take pictures! Cassy and I went shopping today with the kiddies, and had a blast. We didn't find much for ourselves, but Sadie got some cute clothes, including a dress from Old Navy for $3! I heart clearance. lol. We then stumbled across this photo booth...Of course, we HAD … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Patch!

I haven't been to the pumpkin patch since I was probably about 11-ish. So I really wanted to go this year and we did! We went with my family and Chris, Cassy, and Rayne came too. Cassy and I were really more preoccupied with taking lots of pictures as we are both avid scrapbookers. It was VERY warm for the end of October, even in California! There … [Read more...]