Nothing’s worrying me…

Raindrops keep falling on my head….actually they did today. Good thing it was an I-don’t-care-what-my-hair-looks-like day. I have those pretty much all the time these days. When you have a baby, all non-essential grooming is left by the wayside.

It was rainy today, if you couldn’t guess already. We need the rain, but by golly, it’s MAY. I wanted to go on a BIKE RIDE today. Instead I watched the rain on the windows (actually kind of pretty), and watched poor Sadie’s nose leak like there was no tomorrow. She’s had the sniffles lately.

Kim and I did venture out to Joann’s and I scored some bee-yootiful fabrics for dresses/etc for Sadie. (I swear! Someday I will make some with all this fabric I am hoarding!) They were all on sale, the far left was $3 a yard, middle was $4 a yard, and the one on the right was $3.50 a yard. Sah-weet! I luurve them all.

I went to the baby shower of a very old friend Megan Roberts this evening. Let me clarify, she is not “very old” in the least, but we have known each other a long time! Since way back in Primary days. She is having a boy, and she is the cutest preggo lady! Much smaller than I was at 27 weeks, but she’s one of those people who LIKES to exercise. (I won’t hold it against you, Meg)

I won some chocolates as a prize for on of the games. (as you can see I’ve already ripped into them) Best day EVER! (name that Friends episode) The first thing Megan said to me was, “You’d better put that on your blog!” So, here it is! hehe It was for the baby memory game, where they put baby items on a tray…I use most of that stuff day in and day out, so it was an unfair advantage I would say. 🙂 It was so awesome to see her and her cute mom and sis. She lives in Utah so we in Cali won’t get to see le bebe right away…you’d better come visit though and show off that cute boy!

Guess what?

Her baby is due the exact same day Sadie was, one year later. Crazy, huh?

Also, she got married one year almost to the date after we did. Crazier huh?

Here’s one more thing….we wore the exact same dress on our wedding day! (well, not the SAME one, but same one. you know.) Funny huh?!


Gonna go eat some of my chocolates.


  1. Wow! You two have a lot in common! Great score on the fabric and I love your new background! Enjoy those chocolates and have a great weekend!

  2. My favorite fabric is the one on the right, I would try one of her free purse patterns
    Dove and rain lucky you!!!!

  3. hahahahha!!! I knew you’d put those on your blog! You are so funny! I love it! You know…i’m just following in your footsteps…WEDDING DAY, BABY BIRTH DAY, WEdding dress…etc…
    I just like you that MUCH that i wanna be like you!
    It was so great to see you and thanks for all those sweet comments, you are such a great friend and i really wish i was your neighbor because i feel like i could learn ALOT!!!!! (i.e. sewing, patience, and just to have an awesome friends)

    LOVE YOU!!

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