Re-Love your old stuff-bulletin board makeover


I am excited today to share with you a project I did for the Michaels RE-Love Blogger Challenge! Many of us have old items around our home that are a little worn or outdated….and of course, most of you know that with a little creativity (paint, glue, bling, etc.) you can take that old item and turn into something you love again. Not to mention, you are saving that item from being tossed in the trash… you’re green to boot! I headed to Michaels and grabbed some supplies to make over my old bulletin board in my craft room! (and a vase while I was at it)

 First I spray painted over the old color on the frame (yellow over bright green which turned out….yellow-ish green, who’da thought?), then, having never stenciled anything in my life….decided to stencil the cork!

I  turned to my old pal, Martha Stewart (yes we’re dear friends….#delusional) and pretty much attacked her line of paint and stencils and accessories. I got some awesome metallic white gold paint, which I loved!

 I pretty much just jumped in feet first, which is why there are fabric scraps hanging on the board strategically. haha. I messed up and the stencil didn’t line up in that corner, and I’m also missing the border on the right side, but hey-isn’t the point of a bulletin board to hang stuff up…so it’s covered anyways? Yep, I’m going with that…. Anyways…I learned my lesson, and I have another project to show you (another day) that was made also using stencils that came out MUCH better.


I also got some of this AWEsome liquid gilding stuff. It’s like liquid gold  brass and paints right on like butta. The vase (an old one from Ikea) only has one coat of the stuff and it looks great. Well, the color looks good….maybe not my painting so much. Shaky hands anyone?

I spotted these adorable wooden button pins at Michaels too, and grabbed some to bling out for my bulletin board.

 So do you have any re-dos coming up? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, right?

Check out projects ideas and more over on Michaels Stores Lookbook!


  1. wow the stencil on that cork board looks awesome, now what did i do with my old cork board! i hope i didn’t get rid of it because now i want to make over mine and hang it back up =)

  2. I never think about stenciling! Cute idea!


  3. Cute! And especially impressive for having never stenciled before. I like the strategically hung fabric pieces. =) Those button pins are darling!

  4. Ahhh, so refreshing to have an honest look at a project that turned out not-quite-as-expected. Don’t we all have one (or more) of those? Thanks for keeping it real! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the “perfect” that can be found floating around Blog Land. I love how this turned out!


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