More CRE8TIME projects-glitter sewing art and hanging fabric storage

More Michaels CRE8TIME projects for my craft room! I wanted some cute and easy decorations to match my newly organized room, so I picked up some foam boards, some Silhouette double sided sticker paper, glitter, and some command hook velcro hangers and turned them into some easy sewing art! I hung these in the little nook right inside the door, … [Read more...]

CRE8TIME to craft-free printable and custom washi tape drawers

 Download the free printable above here! I'm so excited to share another fun push to get creative from Michaels stores! It's called CRE8TIME, and it's geared towards making time in our lives to be creative! I'll be honest, I don't have to try very hard to craft or sew each day (which is what Michaels is challenging you to do-at least 8 hours a … [Read more...]

vintage bow-tacular valentine

Just as promised, here's what we handed out to the girls at the party! Again, I found it in this flicker set, and then personalized it and added the label on bottom.  I just love the cute little giraffe and monkey!  Ok, the greeting is hopelessly cheesy....but all those vintage ones were dripping with cheese. (and some of them kinda suggestive, for … [Read more...]

vintage airplane valentine

Well ya'll know I went with a vintage Valentine theme for our exchange party this year. (which is probably my all time favorite know....out of the three years I've done it) So I happened upon this amazing flickr set of old fashioned valentines and spotted this adorable little guy in the red airplane. Sheesh, the cuteness!So I searched … [Read more...]

button magnets and a covered button tutorial

First off, Happy Valentines Day!I have more "craft it forward" gifts to share with you today! Cause I just can't stop with one...gotta share the love! Plus they did double duty as Valentines for my "mommy friends" as Sadie calls them (ok as I call them when I'm talking to her). I decided to make some sets of fun fabric covered button magnets-after … [Read more...]

washi tape frame tutorial-craft it forward!

Have you heard that this week is Random Acts of Kindness week? I had no idea there was such a thing, until Michaels (yes the Michaels store Michaels) contacted me about participating in their craft it forward event. They are aiming to inspire creativity and kindness by encouraging us all to "craft it forward"-to create a simple gift that will make … [Read more...]

vintage valentine wreath

I bought a bunch of these vintage valentines on Etsy and Ebay for my vintage themed valentines day party this year-but I was having the hardest time figuring out how to display them! First I started with a simple garland, with the valentines layered on top of doilies, then took that apart and did a garland with just the valentines....then took that … [Read more...]

quick and easy bow garland tutorial

   I just love a good bow, don't you? They are the perfect little detail to add to almost anything....a dress....headband....your car....heck even boys can wear them. I've never done bows in garland form though, so I thought what better time than now to start? I used this fantastic bow tie die from Quick Kutz. It worked great on felt too, I made a … [Read more...]

Easy crochet bow tutorial/pattern

  First things first...I am no crocheting expert. Far from it! I'm definitely a beginner, so if I can make these little bows, so can you. Basically, get ready for a meellion pictures about how to make these. Cause, dang, aren't they cute? Glue a clip on them and attach it to the nearest kiddo and tada! Instant adorableness and cute-osity. They … [Read more...]

a hat and an ornament (christmas gifts)

You saw the other part of my handmade gift for my sister and her hubby this year already...but hello. I had to make them more than one! I don't run a crafty blog for nuthin'.....I LIVE for this stuff. The hat was actually kind of an accidental gift. My father in law had requested one after he saw this book (that I have a project in!) around the … [Read more...]