shorts for Ava (and a pattern giveaway!)

I seem to be sewing up a storm for little Ava lately...which makes sense becauseA: my other girls were summer newborns, so the clothes they wore are off season right now.B: tiny baby clothes are irresistibleandC: I freaking love to sew. As I mentioned before, I pattern tested Dana's new shorts pattern earlier in the month, and these were the second … [Read more...]

elephant skirt for em

So Kristin's daughter Em, and Sadie, have become pen pals over the past few months, and they are the CUTEST. They color each other elaborate pictures, cover their envelopes with stickers, and they would "text" each other for hours if we let them (emoticons, mostly. those are some straaange, they love to skype and facetime in order to … [Read more...]

KCWC: hot air balloon tee and applique skirt

Outfit #3! a skirt and shirt combo...with my favorite color combination right now-coral and gold! (obviously) I drafted this cap sleeved slightly gathered neckline top, then stamped the heck out of it with my hot air balloon stamp and some gold paint. I got lazy with the sleeves and haphazardly sewed them under 1/8", but whatevs. It fits and I was … [Read more...]

how to: stamp carving

aka: the REAL post of the day... lolCarving stamps is so fun, guys! And really, really addicting. I have been carving random ones while watching tv, and it's really relaxing. Carve your stress away, peeps! Anyways-here's a quick how to and some tips! What I used:Speedball cutting tool-comes with five differently shaped cutters- and has easy … [Read more...]

stamping up some tees

I've been a stampin' fool lately, guys! I do not know how it took me so long to do this....I've stamped fabric before, but carving your own stamps opens up a whole new world of creativity and options! (cue: Aladdin.....)  Suffice it to say, I am having way too much fun. Count on a little how to post for carving stamps, soon! Until's … [Read more...]