DIY color blocked painted utensils

I am super dee duper excited to share with you these adorable color-blocked painted utensils! I made them for my "mommy friends"  (as Sadie calls them....we usually exchange Valentines along side the kiddos at my annual Valentine party-if you are a friend of mine-LOOK AWAY. Or at least act surprised....), and I'm smitten. I grabbed some nice bamboo … [Read more...]

RE-LOVE your stuff: stenciled dresser drawers

First off-wow! I won the details week of Project Run and Play! I am so honored and flattered! The other outfits have been soo amazing, I'm just excited to be up there with them. Thanks for voting! Here it is! My other stencil project that worked out better. Although I reeeally need to learn how to place stencils better...there's a few places that … [Read more...]

new desk shelf/removable wallpaper awesomeness

I am so excited to share with you this new little shelf my dad helped me build the other week! I designed it to fit along the back of my computer desk and it's proven to be great for storing those crafty tools you always need nearby. (and the chocolate chips...I can never work without those!) It's constructed really simply-just some boards cut to … [Read more...]

chalkboard countdown sign

My family started doing gifts differently a few years ago...instead of getting everyone a gift (which can get crazy when you have 8 kids, 2 parents, 4 spouses, and now 5 grandkids)....we do drawings. A main big gift, and then you can choose whether or not to put your name into the other drawings. Gag gift (one of my faves!), foodie gift, media … [Read more...]

wood & wire display frame

I've been working on this little wire frame for the nursery off and on for like a month-it turned into one of those projects, ya know? Every little step turned into an ordeal...ok maybe not that bad, and maybe it really was my pregnant back aches from leaning over to paint it...haha! Either way it turned out just how I imagined so all's well that … [Read more...]

ombre dresser redo

I heart ombre. There's just something about all those shades of the same color that is so gorgeous! I already knew I wanted to paint our nursery dresser, which was pretty plain jane white...a walmart special we bought when we were getting ready for Sadie. (aka really cheap aka we were poor) I saw my friend Melanie paint her dresser drawers like … [Read more...]

Up Up and Away! Mobile tutorial and pattern!

I'm out of anything witty to say today, so here's the tutorial! So first let me show you how I put together this simple wooden mobile hanger. See below for the rest! You'll need: One 2" wooden block 3/8" dowel cut to 9" length...of course you can go longer or shorter if you prefer! 2 of those circle things that screw into wood. (I know, … [Read more...]

hot air balloon baby mobile

I've always loved hot air balloons. I've never rode in one, and probably never will (I'm skeered of heights) but they are just so darn adorable. I love the ones with different colored's the quilter in me I guess! I drew my inspiration from a few I found on Etsy and had to make my own for the new nursery decor. Maybe it will be hot air … [Read more...]

fleece horseshoe tutorial

Have a hankering to play some horseshoes that won't put anyone's eye out? I found this idea here, and recreated it from the photo-with my dad and Rory's help. I admit I actually don't know the rules of horseshoes-but I know you're supposed to throw them towards the pole, right? My sis beat me good when we had a preliminary warm up game before the … [Read more...]

little red chair

  I just love quick projects with a big impact. Like this little red chair. I told you about how I got it for 50 cents, right? STEAL! I have  been on the lookout for a chair just like this for months, too. Love thrifting karma. So, take a 50 cent chair, add some red spray paint I already had (but was about $5 probably), and you get one cute … [Read more...]