Emma Lion books and mini book nook

Book Review corner! I have so many books to share but I must implore you to read these books, make haste! They are NOT to be missed. They will make you laugh, cry……laugh UNTIL you cry, and every emotion in between.

They are called The Unselected Journals of Emma Lion and there are 7 volumes out right now!

Impeccable writing, insanely like able characters (excepting Cousin Archibald of course), and one of the best main characters….ever, make these books instant classics for me.

Emma is tenacious, smart, kind, and always finds herself in the most hilarious situations! The books blended together in my head so I decided to review them all at once, and when I tell you, I zipped through them, I mean it. Such good writing and characters!!

I love these book so much that I couldn’t help but jump into the miniature book nook making side of things, and made this recreation of Emma’s attic garret!

So many things in this are nods to the books or little inside jokes, so you must read them!

A few little things I can link to:

miniature books

miniature bookshelf

I painted the bookshelf (it’s famously a beautiful green) with spray paint and then attempted to dry brush it with some acrylic paint to lessen the shininess. I made all the little details with wooden beads and mini flowers, jewelry bits and bobs, and my favorite little wood cutting tool, although I am eyeing this tool for future mini projects!

and most hilariously the box I used it was a wooden tissue box that I covered in popsicle stick shiplap, painted and stained to look like a tiny room!


I made the little desk out of craft wood, the candle out of a grommet piece and bamboo skewer, the rug out of some ribbon I had, and the stool out of a nail polish remover cap lol! Just shows you can look around your house for tons of little things to use in miniature scenes!

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