RE-LOVE your stuff: stenciled dresser drawers

First off-wow! I won the details week of Project Run and Play! I am so honored and flattered! The other outfits have been soo amazing, I’m just excited to be up there with them. Thanks for voting!

Here it is! My other stencil project that worked out better. Although I reeeally need to learn how to place stencils better…there’s a few places that I’m cringing at right now. I think I had the middle drawer upside down while I stenciled. oops! Oh well. Onwards and upwards! It still looks a million times better than it did before. Witness: (in this reeeally old pic of my sewing room)

You can barely see it but since I didn’t take a before pic (too busy hauling it out to the backyard by myself…you can’t tell, but I’m flexing my guns right now…oh yeah….er not), but it was an old dresser I’d thrifted when we bought our house. Hey! In the pic below you can see how my bulletin board used to look, too. (again, a loong time ago) Also, how I decorated like a teeny bopper.

It had some scratches, stains, and old brass handles that were worn out.

I actually ended up keeping the handles-I liked the “patina” yep we’ll call it that….but the rest of the dresser got a facelift! I primed and painted it with some leftover paint from the girls new dresser (which I haven’t blogged about either! shame on me)…then I went to town with more of the same stencil set I grabbed at Michaels. (I am planning to go back and raid Martha’s stencil section again…they had so many choices!)

I made sure to grab some of the special stencil tape to hold the stencils in place-and cut the stencil down to size, with as much of a border as I could. I used just some basic white paint and a foam brush, also from Michaels…and dabbed it on-I tried to hold my brush upright as much as possible so that paint wouldn’t seep through under the stencil, but it did a great job! No paint leaking problems.

So I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! So much cuter now, and my paper straw collection finally has a home. In the other drawers I keep the kids art supplies that they can play with while in my room, and tissue paper and shipping supplies.

Now, what else can I stencil?…….

Check out projects ideas and more over on Michaels Stores Lookbook!


  1. Wow, you did a wonderful job, it looks amazing.

  2. So cute! You know I love me some blue and white. And mid-mod shapes.

  3. Wauw….what a beautiful dresser!

  4. The dresser is soo cute! Great work. And WHA–HOO on winning this week! Your details were AMAZING!!!! Also, someone may have an obsession with paper straws??

  5. Looks awesome! Makes me want to re-paint and stencil something ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on your win too!! Loved your look!!

  6. Love the color and stencil combo! perfect for a craft room!

  7. Pretty! It looks so much nicer than the before. Congratulations on winning this week. =)

  8. This looks totally brilliant. I haven’t stencilled since I was a teenager (stencilled my parents’ kitchen. Very 90s.) but this is making me want to get back in the groove…

  9. Your outfit was awesome! Total deserved win ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow! What a makeover. it looks fantastic!

  11. I absolutely ADORE that dresser! I’ve been hunting for a dresser to “upcycle” for our baby’s room and I never thought to use stencils. What an awesome idea! Beautiful!


  12. great make over, im am jealous of this graft room

  13. great make over, im am jealous of this graft room

  14. Love to see how you transform – you are very good at it! Where on earth did you find those giant buttons hanging on your wall? I love them and want badly. Is there a specific place you go for your sewing room decor? Please share. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I love this and your cork board diy! I’m actually going to make your cork board idea for my daughters room!

  16. I think if you swap the top and middle drawer, you’ll find the stencils line up. It looks like that more than a case of upside down.

    It’s a charming dresser.. love how much better it looks! You’ve got some mad skills. So impressive.

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