KCW: upcycled aster cardi with a sequin collar

I've been wanting to do a sequin collar on SOMETHING for ages...so I finally got my act together and added one to this upcycled cardi. I thrifted this Lands End tee and flirted with making another dress.... I love finding L.E. tees in great shape because the fabric is superb...this one had one teeny bleach spot that I was able to cut … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled tee to dress

Charlotte requested her own dress for kids clothes week and who am I to deny my kids a new garment? lol. This one's only half upcycled-the floral skirt is a thrifted top and the bodice and bow are made with Girl Charlee navy ponte de roma fabric. don'tcha love that little hip pop? Again, I used my Nessie top for the bodice and gathered the … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled lace tee

I think this little top might just be my favorite thing of late. Perfect shade of coral? check. lace? check. looks adorable on my mini human? check. See the before down at the bottom, but I scored this adorable knit tee whilst thrifting-the front had a lace overlay which I LOVED. I debated back and forth with what to make with it-it almost … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled navy dot dress

KIDS CLOTHES WEEK is here y'all! I am psyched for this one because the theme is upcycle! I used to do this so much, when I didn't have much of a fabric budget but I wanted to sew ALL the things. We have pretty good thrifting around here so I'd hit up the t-shirt/skirt sections and buy them when they were half off. You can see some of my … [Read more...]

KCW: Nessie & go to leggings

I guess this is one of my all-time favorite pattern pairings for an easy to sew, comfy outfit for my girls! How many have I made? one two three plus countless other Nessie and legging pairings my girls have worn. It's practically their uniform. For this fall season, I chose some warmer colors and mixed some patterns! I feel like kids look … [Read more...]

floral sally dress

I made this dress when I  really should have been making other things...like my other two Easter dresses...but once I get a bee in my bonnet about something-it just takes over. So I let myself sew up another Sally dress, this time for the Sadester, since she has been growing out of church dresses left and right. I sewed this one up in a 4T bodice, … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s plaid lizzy dress

Yay! one more Easter dress down, one to go! I'm waiting on some very special fabric for that one, hope it comes in time!  So let's talk about this one, shall we? I guess Charlotte got one more thing made for her during Kids Clothes Week! I grabbed this lightweight plaid fabric from Hancocks (same time I got Sadie's swiss dot), and thought it would … [Read more...]

KCW: more Nessies

  We can never have too many Nessie tops around this house-I love it as a basic tee, and with the variations too! After Amanda from Kitschycoo was sweet enough to send me some of the incredible fabric from her shop, I knew it was destined for greatness. Ok, cheesy yes, but seriously. This fabric deserved to be showcased! DEERS! This fabric … [Read more...]

KCW: solid bateau tops

  This is one of those projects I thought would be a good idea. "just whip up some solid colored tees to build up Sadie's wardrobe" I said to myself. Self, next time just buy solid tees. Seriously these actually weren't too bad, but since I wasn't customizing them or anything, they were a  bit boring to sew up...just repetitive I guess. But … [Read more...]

KCW: twirly twirly circle skirts

After making the Georgia twirl dress for Sadie, she requested more "twirly twirly" skirts. And since her requests shall be granted if they are 1. Easy 2. Fast 3. It's Kids Clothes Week and 4. She asks.... ....I made her some. Such a pushover, I know. These are SOOO quick though that they almost sew themselves. You could try leaving them … [Read more...]