KCW: upcycled tee to dress

KCW: upcycled tee to dress

Charlotte requested her own dress for kids clothes week and who am I to deny my kids a new garment? lol.

This one’s only half upcycled-the floral skirt is a thrifted top and the bodice and bow are made with Girl Charlee navy ponte de roma fabric.

don’tcha love that little hip pop?

KCW: upcycled tee to dress

Again, I used my Nessie top for the bodice and gathered the skirt to fit it..using elastic thread in your bobbin and a zig zag stitch helps it stretch!

KCW: upcycled tee to dress

The navy-coral obsession continues….

KCW: upcycled tee to dress

and the before and after!

KCW: upcycled tee to dress


  1. Oh I adore this. The Nessie top is my favorite pattern.

  2. This one is my favorite so far this week! Love the color combo!

  3. Ooh such fun! It looks like she agrees!

  4. Not to diss your old top but that is the BEST up cycle ever. Fabulous dress and you really do have the most perfect, obliging little model!

  5. You score the best things in your thrift shops. Here (Melbourne, Australia), I just seem to find crap lol

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