KCW: twirly twirly circle skirts

twirly twirly circle skirts

After making the Georgia twirl dress for Sadie, she requested more “twirly twirly” skirts.

And since her requests shall be granted if they are

1. Easy

2. Fast

3. It’s Kids Clothes Week


4. She asks….

….I made her some.

twirly twirly circle skirts

Such a pushover, I know. These are SOOO quick though that they almost sew themselves.

You could try leaving them cut and ready for the sewing fairies, but mine never finish the job. I’ve got lazy fairies.

twirly twirly circle skirts

I just used the skirt pattern from the Georgia twirl, but Dana’s tutorial is pretty darn great too -that’s how I learned to attach my elastic way back in the day.

This first one in Nani Iro is DELICIOUS. I want to gobble it up.


I have problems, I know.

twirly twirly circle skirts

It was Sadie’s favorite, too.

ย  twirly twirly circle skirts

I do love this sunshiney yellow and white one as well! Perfect for the upcoming days of summer. (which apparently have hit early here in Cali. It’s been in the upper 80’s lately!

Fabric is from Birch Fabrics-the Ipanema line.

twirly twirly circle skirts

twirly twirly circle skirts

twirly twirly circle skirts

I think Sadie needs some solid tees too…

I did not make the lace top-btw.. it was from Zulily.

Ok and one more bringing up the rear.

twirly twirly circle skirts

This one’s super girly and fun…and wrinkled, cause Sadie has literally worn these constantly the past two days.

Made with this salmon polka dot from Fabricworm.

twirly twirly circle skirts

I paired it with this GOLD *I repeat* GOLD elastic I found at my local Joann store.

AHH!!! I flipped out a little inside when I found them in the elastic section.

ALready I’m regretting only getting 4 yards.

ย MZ7A6881

Another swirl picture because…swirls!


They look so cute all hung up in a row!

twirly twirly circle skirts


  1. They are all beautiful, but I really love the pink with gold elastic! I have some of that elastic as well but haven’t decided what to make with it yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Those are all darling! I particularly love the polka-dotted one. And gold elastic! So fun! =)

  3. I like It!

  4. cuuuute skirts!! gotta love the twirl factor, that’s always a kid-pleaser. gonna have to keep my eye out for cool elastics now, too.

  5. Caroline Hornsey says

    Gah! So much cuteness! Love them all! (And seriously hoping somewhere in the UK sells gold elastic!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love these! and your fabric choices are awesome as always!

  7. sherry g. says

    I am so in love with these! I wish my daughter still loved twirly skirts ๐Ÿ™

  8. That nani oni is to die for! I agree with you on only 4 yards!!! I want some!

  9. Yep! I’m gonna need some of that gold elastic!

  10. they’re just everything a little girl needs!

  11. ok thanks, you just bumped the circle skirt to the top of my list! these are so beautiful, and that gold elastic?? unreal!

  12. these skirts are beautiful! love the prints and the touch of gold elastic- so perfect!

  13. Gold elastic at Joanns?! Wow. Their stuff keeps getting better and better. I have to admit, I just don’t like the visible elastic on the previous circle skirts I’ve made – but I looooove the idea of gold, and there are skirts in my daughter’s future as well! Thanks for sharing!

  14. How darling and fun!

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