KCW: more Nessies

 more Nessies

We can never have too many Nessie tops around this house-I love it as a basic tee, and with the variations too!

After Amanda from Kitschycoo was sweet enough to send me some of the incredible fabric from her shop, I knew it was destined for greatness.

Ok, cheesy yes, but seriously. This fabric deserved to be showcased!

more Nessies


This fabric had to be for Ava, after all that was the theme of her birthday party last year!

This first tee I made in a 18-24 mo size, and trimmed off about 1″ from the short sleeve pattern piece to make it a cap sleeve. Totes obsessed with this top.

more Nessies

Both older girls were hoping it was for them when I brought it out. I may have to order some fabric from her….

and this size and the 3T below were made with only 1/2 meter of fabric! swell.

more Nessies

more Nessies

So poor Miss C needed SOMETHING for kids clothes week made just for her. I most often end up sewing for Sadie since she’s the oldest and in most need of clothes, and Ava second probably cause tiny clothes are adorbs.

But don’t feel bad for Charlotte-she gets all of Sadie’s hand me downs, which are sometimes handed down kicking and screaming, and then Charlotte lovingly parades around in them, rubbing it in Sadie’s face. Oh, sisters.

more Nessies

So anyways.



I paired this fabric (which I couldn’t find in her shop :(…with some peachy pink ribbing from Joanns. 3T size, pretty straightforward, also chopped some off the sleeve length to make them cap sleeves. Will be perfect for summer!

bonus: She loves it! un-bonus (if there is such a thing) Sadie is mad jealous of their tops. I just can’t win!

more Nessies


  1. This is absolutely adorable!

  2. oh how cute are those prints!!:) cute tops and cute girl!

  3. I love it!

  4. Seriously cute fabrics! Houndstooth kitties?! no way!! Love them both

  5. Both shirts are adorable- I find it so funny to hear how your three ladies interact over clothing. My daughter will get a toy that my son loves and play with it very dramatically near him just to watch his jealousy. Where do these tiny people get it from? Oh, but regardless we love them so. Great shirts, I may also be a tad bit jealous. 🙂


  6. they’re adorable! Both of them! I would be jealous too if my sisters would get such great tops… 😉

  7. Oh my, if that isn’t the cutest cat print I have ever seen.

  8. Marjory W. says

    Very cute! You certainly have well-dressed little girls with lots of choices of what to wear. I wish I had had a little girl to sew for. So now I sew for the American Girl family of dolls. I started with my granddaughters, who are now in college, and it developed into a real business of sewing and selling upscale outfits for the dolls. I loved sewing for my dolls when I was young, so I have come full circle.

  9. Those little girls are so stinking adorable! And the shirts… my daughters would be fighting over shirts like those! =)

  10. I have complete fabric envy right now. Utterly adorable.

  11. HA! sisters. this is one of the thing about having three kids i worry about – having to keep things balanced once they all pay attention to who i’m making things for. also seriously, Ava is changing so much lately! not a baby!

  12. you make me jelaous. these are so cute. i live in Turkey and can’t find such cute fabrics. An international fabric giveaway would be wonderful 😉

  13. Too cute! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Love love these! And look at you all fancy, they only took 1/2 metre each! Hahaha. Also, I swear Ava has grown even just since the last time we saw you. Make it stop!

    • haha, well that’s how she sells it in her shop, she’s in Scotland. ;D I know she’s getting SO big lately!

  15. wow they colours are really cute.

  16. I love these tops! And, oh my goodness Ava, I thought she was a baby last week… your girls are beautiful!

  17. I think these may be my next project! So cute! Also can I say your girls are adorable!

  18. my girls do the same thing! The oldest hates giving up the clothes and the middle CAN NOT WAIT to get her hands on them. The littlest gets lots of handmade’s cause they are faster :0) Three girls! Drama but so much fun.

  19. Veronica says

    Adorable! Seeing this post reminds me that I need to make Ella some short sleeved Nessie tops. Now, if I could only get you to pick out the knits for me?! I always love the ones you use!

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