the year of the boy

  I know last year was a bit...sparse...on the sewing front on this ol blog here. (to say the least) So...I set a goal for myself this year to try and remedy that. I want to sew more but I'm switching gears a little from my norm! My goal for 2018 is to sew (at least) one thing for Jack each week. YEAR OF THE BOY! I am hoping this kick … [Read more...]

pink velvet kitty pillow

So with baby boy on the way there's been a big shifting of the rooms in our sewing room moved to Ava's old room (the nursery), and we moved the girls into my old sewing room. It's the largest bedroom besides our master, but we had to have the sliding door changed to a window first. We're making progress on the room-it's almost done and I … [Read more...]

Lovely Little Bunny pattern review and discount code!

See the winner of the Something Kinda Different giveaway here! Vanessa from Punkin Patterns sent me her super adorable Lovely Little Bunny softie PDF to review, so of course I had to make a few for the girls' Easter baskets. Cause the Easter bunny sews, didn't you know? hehe I just love their fuzzy little bunny tails! The pattern was … [Read more...]

Gingercake’s Penguin Pillow review

***See the winner of the Shwin Designs pattern giveaway here!***I made Charlotte a pretty flippin' cute penguin pillow the other day...and I think it's safe to say she's in'll see. ;) I used this lovely pattern from my sponsor, Gingercake Patterns and Design.   The flannel I got from Joann's-they had it on sale a few weeks back for $2 a … [Read more...]

See Kate Sew pattern giveaway!

****This giveaway is now closed. See the winner below!**** Meet Miss Daisy, our newest softie resident! She likes to eat our house plants and nibble on the girls, but she's no carnivore, so we don't worry about that. ;) I made her with Kate's new Rawr Dino pattern-isn't it adorable?  Also, one of the quickest and easiest softies I've … [Read more...]

Little Ladybug Softie tutorial

I made this wee little Ladybug softie for Sadie Charlotte whoever got it first yesterday! Of course, I whipped out my Go! Baby cutter (affiliate link) to cut the sah-weet (and so easy!) circles for the project. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try to hand-cut out circles perfectly, it never is meant to be.  There's always a … [Read more...]

a new robot pal and giveaway!

Hello everyone!Meet Mommy the Robot. (that's what Sadie named her....she seems to think I am a Isn't she cute? So stylin' with her cute mary janes and coordinating limbs. Say, would you like to be able to make a robot just like her? Cause you're in luck. ;) Chris from Pickup Some Creativity created the pattern that I used for … [Read more...]

Baby blocks and other projects…

Here are those cute fabric blocks I was talking about making...aren't they fun? I put bells in them too, but I had to put like 4 in each in order to hear them. hehe. Then Ally thought they were toys for her....I have a feeling she will be doing that with most of our baby toys. They all make fun noises! Poor thing. Anyways, here's a pic! Tutorial … [Read more...]

Bunny and Block

So, my second attempt at making a stuffed animal was a little better. For one thing, Rory did not dub it "psycho demon kitty", (or psycho demon-bunny), so I'm ahead already. We named her Bunny. I know she doesn't have a face yet, but I'm pregnant! Give me a break. (that excuse is soo handy sometimes!)Also, I tried a soft fabric block pattern that … [Read more...]