travel felt mat

ย I spied this cute little tutorial for a travel felt play mat the other night while poking around blogland, and decided to make it right then and there.
Don’t you love projects like that? Easy, not needing too many supplies? That are fun and useful too?
I haven’t made too many shapes yet-but I will! I’m thinking about doing seasonal shapes and switching them out. You know, flowers, etc for spring, a snowman for winter….though the only snowman we see around here are plastic and covered in Christmas lights.
I love the little pockets for the felt shapes!
The fabric is from Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow line.
Then it handily folds right up and velcros shut! This will be a fun new thing for me Sadie to play with at church.ย 
P.S. Check me out over on Emilie Handmade today, with my Hair bow holder tutorial.

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  1. Very cute! Felt is great to work with but the texture of it kills me, weird phobia I guess. I’m thinking about making one for my son with a face and different eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc. to switch out. Just throwing that idea out there!

  2. Lovely!!!
    A friend made a felt mat for my son a while ago : a jungle!!!

    My son adores playing with it!!!

  3. That is super cute, and I think I will be making some…maybe for my daughters bday party…what a fun, easy little thing to make and to give! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. SOOO CUTE JESS!!! I was just felt shopping this morning, there’s SO much fun stuff I want to make! I think I’ll buy myself a big batch of felt for my birthday! Did you cut the shapes with your silhouette? I have a cricut, and I looked up if you can cut felt on it, and you CAN! It’s like the greatest revelation ever! I have tons of ideas in my noggin for this! Interactive/quiet/abc book? COlor book? A jillion appliques (with fabric, not felt) I am SO excited! Rock the felt girl!

  5. Thanks for linking back to my tutorial! I love the fabric you used and your felt travel mat turned out fantastic!

    Jaime @ Our Journey

  6. Super cute. I think I just may have to make one too. I love that it’s felt, but not ONLY felt so that the base won’t get all stretched out and wonky. And so versatile! So great. Thanks!

  7. I love felt! Once (before I had children of my own) I made my niece an entire felt doll family of every member of her family, including multiple wardrobes and accessories for each of them! I spent a lot of time on it, and I have to say, it was pretty freaking awesome. My niece LOVED it and 9 years later, she still has almost all the little pieces for it!

  8. So cute. I’m from Spain and i’m emilie handmade follower. I meet your blog today and now i’m in love of your works!! I add your blog to my list of favourites blogs arround the world. I started a blog 2 months ago, but i can’t compare it with yours!!
    See you soon!
    Kisses, Sonia.

  9. what a neat idea! love the idea of changing out for the seasons. super cute!

  10. Very sweet ! I am in the midst of crafting a large playmat for my little one’s 2nd birthday, but this is so doable! Great birthday gift ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. SO cute!I think I am gonna make this.

  12. Genius, as always!

  13. I love the fabric choice for the outside. I recently made one of these too. It was such a fun and easy project. Great job!

  14. I love this! My little one is about the same age as Charlotte, so this is not a project for right now, but it is definitely on my list!!! I found your blog last week and my list has grown! I can’t wait to try everything!

  15. umm, hello

  16. ummm, hello?! loved this! saw it on another craft blog somewhere and immediately had to make one. as in, ran to jo-ann’s bought some fabric, loaded them in the washer before getting in the house, and impatiently waited fo it dry. turned out wonderful even though i had to make some adaptations in order to work with the felt that i had.

    so happy to find your blog! i’m adding it to the list of ones i follow for sure!

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