froufy barbie skirt tutorial


I hope you’ve had as much fun with Barbie® week as I have! Here’s one more fun skirt tutorial! Enjoy 🙂

But please pardon the name of the skirt. (unless you have something better?)
I spent 3 hours up with baby last night, trying to get her back to sleep. I’m pretty sure I sleep-ordered something on Ebay. 😉

You’ll need:
1 piece of fabric 12″x3.5″ (for the length shown here)
1 piece of fabric 1.25″x5″ for the waistband
sew on velcro
sewing stuff
cut your pieces out-I’m not sure how my skirt piece ended up crooked-whatevs!
Serge or zig zag stitch two short sides, and one long side of your skirt piece. Hem the bottom by folding up 1/4″ and sewing down.
On the other side of your skirt piece, sew a basting stitch down the edge, and gather to fit the waistband.
Important! Pin your waistband right side to the wrong side of the skirt, matching up the edges.
andd…sew together! with about an 1/2 inch seam.
press the waistband, folding a little bit over like so.
fold that down over the front of your skirt-and pin.
topstitch slowly along the bottom of the waistband. Zig zag stitch or serge the edges again where your waistband is to minimize fraying.
pin right sides together, and sew a seam about an inch from the bottom down…
this is what it should look like.
fold over one of the edges slightly, sew down, and then sew on your velcro pieces.

and tada! Barbie® has a new fun skirt!

Any questions? let me know!

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  1. I want one for myself! Love the name. Hope you got something good on ebay and get a nice nap today. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your barbie week! Her outfits look so pretty and you made it look so simple to sew 🙂

  3. Great skirt for Barbie… it looks like a rock ‘n roll skirt to me!

    gonna make some for my girls barbie’s

    love miranda

  4. adorable!

  5. After seeing your photo on One Pretty Thing, I had to come see your post and was pleased to see that it’s a whole series of tutorials.

    My plan is to use vintage fabrics and make some clothes for my 1962 Bubble Cut Barbie. Since I’m not an accomplished seamstress, your photos will be particularly helpful.

    It’s a lot of work to write down the steps and photograph it. Thank you for doing all that and sharing it with all of us.

  6. I can’t thank you enough for posting these! They have really helped me get started on barbie sewing for my dd’s. I’ll post some pics on your flickr group when I have a few more done.
    Thanks again!

  7. It occurs you could totally skip a step or two here and use bias tape for a contrast waistband, aka no ironing tiny pieces with sleep-deprived fingers.
    Trying to make things economical here while I took through your barbie tutorials to plot out some barbie clothes 😉 Got my 3 year old her first barbie and she needs a wardrobe!

  8. I managed! I did a lot of things wrong, also since it’s my first time sewing (zigzag where I need straight stitches and other such minor mishaps) but I am now the proud owner of my first hand-made barbie skirt. Thank you!

  9. I appreciate this so much!!! Thank you for taking the time to share. My plan is to make clothes for the Barbies my girls used as kids and will now be played with by my cute grandkids. Thanks again!

  10. I’m new to this all I’ve just started collecting fashion dolls and can’t afford the designer outfits. I’m taking your instructions and twerking them a little.I’m doing this by hand soooo. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  11. here there was a little miracle: the skirt that I’ve just finished to sew… well seems really skirt… thanks for this tutorial, thanks very much!!!

  12. Hi – I can’t wait to look at your posts closer. None of the pictures are working though – they are just a big blur. Are there patterns that I can use or are they just a ‘cut a rectangle’ and do this…?

    Tina ‘the book lady’

  13. Anonymous says

    You are a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing these adorable tutorials. I am going to enjoy using up all my little bits of fabric making Barbie clothes now for friends and charities.

  14. i LOVE this, it was so easy. i just made one for my Nieces Barbie, and after i made it i decided i am going to make barbie a whole wardrobe 😀 thank you for sharing this!

  15. A big big thank to you !!!
    (My english is really bad..grr)
    Your blog is amazing, fantastic !! Bravo et merci beaucoup !! 🙂

  16. Nuclear Nana says

    Thank you so much for the tutorials and for making the patterns easier. I have no creativity but can follow patterns! And thanks for sharing your creativity. My grandchildren will really appreciate it.

  17. All your works are so beautiful and creative. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us.

    Your dresses for the dolls will be a big hit with my nieces.

    Thanks once again and all the best!

    Warm regares,


  18. Olá!!!!!
    Vim aqui visitar sua página e me encantei, pois está muito bem explicado o passo a passo da Saia!!!!!
    Eu nunca tinha costurado uma roupa para a Barbie, somente fazia em Crochê, mas como ganhei uma máquina, então resolvi fazer uma pesquisa e encontrei sua página e me encantei….!!!!
    Fiz algumas Saias e vim convidá-la a ver como ficou, e espero que goste!!!!!
    Obrigada pela partilha generosa!!!!!!


  19. Eu postei também no Pinterest!!!!


  20. Claire Kemp says

    Oh my goodness your patterns are just what I’ve been looking for. Prices for the ‘real’ Barbie dresses are shocking and you make your ideas so beautifully simple to follow! Can’t wait to try them out thank you! xxx

  21. Kimberly Brown says

    Thank you SO much!!! I love these patterns!!!!

  22. Hi all, Just wanted to say these are some really nice simple patterns that work great when teaching young ones how to sew for their dolls. Also wanted to pass on a tip that I learned before Barbie dolls came out. This was when I was sewing for my own 22″ Bride doll which was a great thing to have back then. When making simple gathered skirts for doll clothes, whether by hand or machine, a piece of scotch tape, front and back, works great to hold the gathers in place for a day or two and no sticks in young fingers that are just learning (or old ones that now have trouble seeing well).

  23. Thanks for the fantastic instructions!! I made this skirt this afternoon 🙂 I love the top the barbie is wearing in the photo too – any chance you have a pattern for that too? 😉

    • Jacqueline Lee says

      I know you posted this long ago but I just discovered this site. Did you get the top that was with the skirt in the Froufy Skirt Tutorial? I also would like it.

  24. Jana Qieen says

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Barbie patterns! They are so easy to follow and turn out so cute!

  25. Cheryl stewart says

    I love these patterns. So much easier than paper patterns and the results are amazing. My granddaughter will be over the moon!

  26. Thank you so much. i have literally never made clothing in my life, but following your tutorials I have managed to make a pretty cool Barbie outfit out of an old pillow case. Hope my little one agrees 😉

  27. Wow! Soo cute. I tried it with fabric strips instead of lace because I didn’t have any lace, and it still looks amazing. 😉

  28. Thanks!! I have made so many barbie clothes in the last week fir my Granddaughters Christmas present! I have many more to do. I’m having a blast with your tutortials. I have made a few adjustmentsbut really well done!

  29. Over a decade later I just found this and made it for my daughter. She loves in and now I have a huge pile of fabric on my sewing desk she wants me to make into clothes.

  30. Superbes robes et merci beaucoup pour les tutos. Amicalement

  31. Missey Orange says

    When I click the ‘One pretty thing’ it opens a porn site. This happened on at least two of your Barbie clothes tutorials. thought you would like to know.

  32. fyi – your link to One Pretty Thing goes to an “adult” site

  33. I had found that 3.5″ ribbon was the perfect size for a short skirt for Barbie. I fumbled thru making one, having only a very basic idea of what I was doing. This is the tutorial I needed. Now to use up my over-large stash of ribbon 3.5″ and wider… 😀 Thank you.

  34. Thank you so much for this simple but adorable pattern! I have never made Barbie clothes before, but with your guide, my 6 and 9 year old granddaughters each made one today! Great way to introduce them to sewing and now they want to make some tops to match. You made it easy for all of us. Thank you!


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