bear/doll carriers

**Just so you don’t think I’m some sort of Supermom, most of the projects I’m posting in the next few weeks were made before I had Ava. Just wanted to clear that up. We have lots of junk all over our floors and laundry to be folded over here. (and a baby to be snuggled so it’s not all bad!) Not much sewing going on! 😉

I got my hands on a copy of the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book book last month, and since I mainly bought it to make the doll/bear carrier, I had one whipped up within 24 hours of it arriving.

Excited much? I just knew that Miss C would LOVE this. (I was right…more on that later) Flipping through the book, I found many more projects that I can’t wait to try!

It was a really quick sew, and so fun to make! I’ll admit, I like having more pictures than the book has (I’m very visual, hence my millions of pics in my tutorials),  but reading through the instructions twice was plenty.

The sizing is perfect for my little gal, and she absolutely FLIPPED out when I put it on her. Then proceeded to wear it the rest of the day and threw a mini fit when we had to take it off for lunch. She loves her babies (especially “baby ‘Rora”) so she’s in love with being little miss mommy.

Plus that pocket is the perfect size for Squinkies! The pocket fabric is leftover from the nursery, strap fabric is from LOoong ago (aka no clue where from or what line), and those adorable handmade yellow buttons are from my sponsor Button Mad!

Now onto Sadie’s, cause you know she requested one about 1 second after seeing Charlotte’s!

She pretty much breathed down my neck until I finished it, lol. She really enjoys being a part of picking out the fabric (with minimal guidance from me, of course), and I love how it coordinates with Charlotte’s.

Safe to say she also loves it! The pocket fabric is also leftover from the nursery, and the strap fabric is from my sponsor, Lily Bella Fabrics.

Oh look! Bonus blurry iphone shot of the two of them together. Awww!


  1. That is a beautiful doll carrier! I can imagine your C & S loved it! And I just have to tell you I think you have the cutest kids. Seriously, I was having the worst morning (half an hour late for school because my daughter just REFUSED to put on her socks for over 45 minutes!!! I yelled (more like screamed 🙁 ) at her and felt rotten about that and then some driver had the nerve to HONK at me!! It tipped me over the edge), but then seeing Charlotte’s completely adorable grin (I love how she smiles so hard!) made me better.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. So cute! I can’t believe how be they’ve gotten!

  3. I love that first pic and the smile–it cracks me up! I remember my daughter at about 2 1/2 thought that she needed to cock her head sideways for pictures. It is so funny to see the pics with her head craned sideways–like the “tip me over and pour me out”. I don’t know why???? Your girls are such cuties! Have a great holiday season with your girls and hubby!

  4. the photos of your girls always kill me! They are like little dolls themselves! My girls have doll carriers, and every now and then they pull em out, and suddenly I can’t pry the dolls off of them. Lol – little mamas.

  5. I also love that book. I have made about half the projects! And the projects always come out amazing, first time. (I’m not as good with improvising/self-drafting. I like instructions!)

  6. Ohh, look at your babies with their babies!
    I need to get around to making one of these. At first I was totally disinterested in this project, but the more I saw them sewn up, the more I loved them. Isn’t that always how it goes?

  7. Hi! This is so sweet to do for little mommies…

    Gonna try it

  8. I LOVE these! I want this book so bad. Yours are so cute! I just found out that I am getting a new niece, she better watch out for all of the handmade love!!!

  9. Absolutely adorable, both!

  10. They are so adorable with their dolls and doll carriers! This is definitely something that I would like to make for my granddaughter when she is old enough.

  11. OMG I cannot believe how cute Charlotte is! Did big sister have those cheeks when she was little, too?

  12. How cute are your two little mommies! They are just adorable.

  13. Oh, that last photo! Most. Cuteness. Ever.

  14. What perfect timing! I was just TODAY reading a review of the Ergo doll carrier and thought, “There’s got to be a way I can make that!” I’m totally getting that book! Thank you!

  15. Your girls are so beautiful! I LOVE all the stuff you make for them. Desperately hoping that some day I will have the time to make my girls those sweet things too.

  16. My kids are getting these for Christmas! Your kids’ smiles make me excited to see that happen over here. Cute!

  17. Aww, so cute! Both the kids and the carriers. =)

  18. Great doll carriers!!! Both C & S are gorgeous …very photogenic…thanks for sharing this project with other mommies…

    Happy stitching up more beauties.

    [email protected]

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  20. are you kidding me?!! your girls are SO cute!
    I have 2 girls the same age as yours. they love being little mamas too.

  21. First of all, love your disclaimer at the beginning 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your sweet new baby girl! Secondly, I love these pictures of your girls with the doll carriers! When you posted this on instagram, I instantly decided I needed this book!! Crossing my fingers it is waiting for me under the Christmas tree!!

  22. Such a cute idea!
    I should get on one of those since my daughter took matters into her own hands when we were out for a walk one day.
    I like a mama

  23. I like your honest words at the beginning. And love that doll carriers. Your daughters are so cute with them

  24. Wow, what a cuties!!! You now just should get a baby carrier in regular size so you all you 2 big girls can go out for a walk with your babies!!!

  25. How sweet! Your girls are precious.

  26. oh my gosh they are tooo! cute. I got this book from the library today because I want to make the doll carrier. It says it fits 3+ but I have a 16 month old who would love one so I hope the pattern doesn’t need too much adjusting. There are lots of other things I want to make too so I may just have to purchase a copy and work my way through pretty much everything.

  27. Is there anyway to get just the pattern for these? Because I don’t have the book =( But they are SO cute!!!

  28. Oh, I really réally,REALLY want to make this for my daughter!! But I can’t find the tutorial on this site… 🙁 So if you have the pattern for me…prettyplease???

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. lovely girls, lovely ideas, lovely site! thank you so much!!!

  31. What a cute idea! Lil sister looks so happy to be a “mommy” too. And just look at those cheeks! Love her, reminding me of my lil one at that age.

  32. I have a question – how easy it for your girls to put it on/off? I want to make one for my 4 year old and 18 month old, but don’t want to have a crisis every time they want to wear it!

    Thanks – love your blog. A lot. And I think I could die at how beautiful your girls are.

  33. Can you tell I’m catching up on my blog reading (on a Friday night)? Love these. Love that you whipped up two lickety split. I should make one of these for O soon, I think – he could carry his giant stuffed Tigger around! Ha!

  34. So cute! I’d love to make one for my niece. Can you do a step by step post please?

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  37. Hi!
    i’m from BRAZIL and we dont have this book available on stores… 🙁
    Could someone send me this pattern, PLEASE! [email protected]

  38. Funny! I have been a reader of yours for a long time, and I just saw this tutorial on Pinterest. The funny part is that it didn’t mention your name or website, but I clicked because I recognized your kids! I love your stuff, especially what your wore! Adorable you!!! Plus you always make me smile. Have a lovely day, and God bless!

  39. Your girls are gorgeous! I love, love, love that first one of your Chorlotte grinning. 🙂

    I’ll have to get my hands on a copy of that book.

  40. I found this post on Pinterest. Just have to tell you that your daughters are SO adorable. I am planning to make these baby carriers for all the little girls in my family this Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  41. Lisa Unger says

    can i have the pattern to make this. please post or send to email, thanks

  42. I love her cheeks!!! awesome idea. I will be making one for my daughter. She has the same cheeks!

  43. I can’t get this download to work. FRUSTRATING in the extreme. it’s a nice pattern and my library system does not have this book.

    • It’s not my pattern so it is not mine to have available to download. As far as I know it’s only available in the book.

  44. Hello! I am in the process of making this carrier! Mine looks so much smaller than yours tho! And I am stumped with the straps. I can’t seem to wrap my head around how they are suppose to go. Well actually where the other side of the Velcro goes. I also don’t have a little one here to try it out on. I’m trying to find another picture to show the other side of the Velcro.

  45. Your babies are beautiful.

  46. bonjour puis-je obtenir le patron et les explications en français si possible, j’aimerai confectionner ce porte poupée pour noël pour ma petite fille. Merci d’avance


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