easy barbie skirt tutorial

Here's a quick and easy tutorial for a Barbie® skirt-easily customizable with ruffles or pleats along the bottom, as well as the pieced together look-you choose!Click below for more!You'll need: one piece of fabric 7 1/2" x 4 1/2", or two pieces equaling that, if you want the pieced look. (of course you can go longer or shorter) a piece of 1/4 … [Read more...]

barbie cap sleeve shirt tutorial

  Continuing with Barbie® week here: a cap sleeve top. So.....let's get down to business. (to defeat the Huns..) Click below for more! You'll need: one 6 1/2" x 3" piece of fabric two pieces of fabric 3"x1 1/2", one side cut on a slight curve sew on velcro sewing stuff First, serge or zig zag stitch … [Read more...]

Barbie® dress tutorial

  Kicking off Barbie® clothes week...can I have a drum roll please? ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you! here's a simple tutorial for a cute Barbie dress! Click below for more! You'll need: fabric: 1 piece 6 " by 2.5" for the bodice, and 1 piece 5" by 12" for the skirt ribbon: 2 pieces-2.5" long for straps … [Read more...]

barbie clothes!

Once Sadie got her first Barbies® for her second birthday this past month...I knew that I was in for it. It being Barbie® clothes! I'd been a little intimidated by them-they're so tiny. Of course, my sister and I had always made the most fashionable clothes (not) when we were younger with scraps tied around our dolls...but for Sadie's dolls I had … [Read more...]

tablecloths and oven mitts

I hit the remnant jackpot the other week at Joann's! I found a ton of cute prints (usually those are rare), and bonus-the bin was 50% off. YAHOOOOOO! (Yes, I get that excited about fabric) One of my finds was this awesome fruit print-a whole yard for about $3. Niiice. I decided that Sadie's table needed a tablecloth. It's really taken me this long … [Read more...]

a cool little pouch

 hmmm, what have we here? A little unassuming bag...(made of cute fabric though)  let's see what's inside, shall we? A Viewmaster! Now, I know some of you had these as kids or play with them now. A lovely padded (and lined) bag for the Sadester's favorite car toy.  But, what's this? A handy little pocket for all her slides!?  What … [Read more...]

i’m a bit obsessive…

...when it comes to sewing these dolly clothes. I just couldn't help myself! They are soo easy and quick to sew up. Plus, it's a great way to use up my random scraps and fat quarters! I found this awesome pattern (printable on the bottom of the post), and went to town! Some skirts, denim shorts, shirts... ...and dresses galore! I cannot get … [Read more...]

baby doll dresses

Sadie's baby dolls "needed" some new dresses...aren't they cute? I used this tutorial/free pattern, and sewed them up during the girls nap time. They have been nice enough to nap at the same time lately! Isn't that wonderful of them? I made a quick matching headband for the orange one...agh! I think this may become a new obsession. That's not … [Read more...]

book o’ patterns

You may remember the soft color book I made Sadie for Christmas last year? That was one of my favorite projects to do! Sadie is just now enjoying it though. Over the past few months she's gotten the hang of her colors, so she loves looking at it and shouting out the names. (and I mean SHOUTING. That girl loves her yellow.) The other day I got an … [Read more...]

luck is in the air…

Well, it looks like baby's doll will have a little French friend soon! I won a giveaway over on Mon Petit Poppet! Hop over there and check out all the gorgeous eye candy, you won't be sorry. And thanks, Steph! I think I may keep this dolly for momma. ;) Every girl needs a doll, no matter her age, right? She can keep me company whilst I sew! … [Read more...]