guest post: Viewfinder pouch

This project might look familiar to you long time readers (hi, Mom)-I made one last summer for Sadie and promised a tutorial. Well…er…here it is! Almost a year later. Better late than never? Make sure and hop on over to Liberate Creativity to see the tutorial!
And also reposted here:

I have a fun little project to share today!
Introducing (for a second time) the handy dandy Viewmaster pouch!
  It’s lined!
It has a pocket for slides!
 It ties up with a drawstring!
I made one of these last summer for Sadie, and we’ve used it ever since. It’s fabulous for keeping all those little slides in one place, and easy for her to use also! However, the minute I saw this amazing fabric I had to have me some to make another pouch! Not that we need one, but I wanted to do a tutorial this time, and this fabric is perfect! So, would you like to make one? 
Click below for the how to!

You’ll need:
fabric (a fat quarter of shell and lining fabric does just fine.)
3″ piece of sew in velcro
one yard of ribbon or twill tape
rotary cutter and mat are handy
other sewing stuff (machine, thread, button holer, etc)
So first I cut out my pieces.
For the batting, I cut one piece 14.5″x9″, and one piece 5.5″x6.5″.
For the shell fabric, I cut one piece 19″x9″, and two pieces 5.5″x6.5″.
For the lining, I cut one piece 18″x8.5″.
First off I made the pocket.
1. I laid out the pocket pieces (the 5.5″x6.5″ pieces of the shell and batting), the shell pieces right sides together (RST), with the batting on top.
2. Then I pinned it together and sewed around the pocket (1/4″ seam), leaving a 2 inch opening on one of the longer sides. Then I turned it right side out using that opening and pressed it with my iron.
3. Then I pinned where my opening was, and sewed along that side to close it up.  Set the pocket aside.
Then I laid my large batting piece on top of the wrong side of my shell fabric, lining up the long edges, and leaving 1.75″ on either short end. I then basted the batting and shell fabric together along the sides.
Then I took my 3″ piece of velcro and positioned it on the wrong side of my pocket (near the top), and sewed one piece to that.
Then I folded the shell and batting piece in half like so, the fold is to the left in this picture. I laid out the pocket where I wanted it, about 1 inch from the folded bottom and centered in the middle.
Then I positioned the other piece of velcro on the shell fabric, pinned, and sewed that on.
Then I pinned the pocket on, and sewed along the remaining three sides.
Then I…
1. Folded the shell fabric in half again, RST, and sewed along the sides.
2. Folded each corner in half like so, measured 1 inch in, cut off the tip…
3. and then sewed it up to create a box corner. Repeat for other corner, and then repeat these steps for the lining piece as well.
1. Then I ironed down the portion of material on top til it met the top of the batting. (do the same for the lining.)
2. I then found a button to make the right size button holes for my casing size.
3. Make buttonholes in the casing (the part you ironed down) Rip open buttonholes with your seam ripper.
1. Then I inserted the lining into the shell, wrong sides together, lined up the side seams…pinned all around…
2. and sewed them together along the top, about 1/8″ from the edge.
3. then I sewed around again to make the casing, a little less than an inch from my previous stitches. I used my grid on my sewing machine to help line it up and keep it straight.
Then, thread your ribbon or twill tape through the casing with a safety pin, and you’re done! A fun little case for a Viewmaster, or to store other toys in…Polly Pockets,  etc. Its great for traveling with kids.


  1. This is a great storage idea – I’m also in love with your fabric!!

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  3. I dunno about switching over but i’m getting fed up too! I mean I know it’s free, but REALLY people?!?

  4. This is so cute!!

  5. Love that fabric! And you are right, perfect for this project!

  6. I hear ya about blooger lately! I was thinking wordpress.. I went to Blogging with Amy website and she has good info over there on what to do..

    Kelly K

  7. One more vote for own domain + wordpress combo. I’m not a computer genius and I could set it up my own site. And definitelly you can make it too.

  8. Cute project. that viewfinder brings back memories. Glad to know they are still making them.
    That fabric is perfect. I was going to ask if you silk screened it until I read you found it.
    On blogger issues I have had them too and it seems folks that have a dot com or dot net seem to do better.

  9. I just bought that fabric (Viewfinders from the Ruby Star Rising line). It’s sooo cute. I’m using it for a backpack I’m working on. I put up some pics here:

  10. Ahh! Adorable! I didn’t know there was a new updated version of this tow out – cool. I love the fabric and I love this project!

  11. Very cool tote… The fabric was just screaming to be made into this project.
    I also had problems with a blogger blog. I don’t remember what exactly, but it would take forever to get a post loaded and I was always having to redo something.
    I had another blog on WordPress (I was trying them both out to see which worked best) and ended up transferring Larrupin on blogger over to WordPress and haven’t had any issues. It’s really easy to import a blog into WordPress from anywhere so you won’t have any trouble moving your blog.
    Let me know if you have questions about that. I can show you where to go to do that.
    I just realized my blogger blog is still “out there” but it’s really a dead end. I need to go there and redirect anyone who finds it to my new location. You might need to do the same.
    Good luck with it!

  12. I’ve been thinking about switching to Word Press + domain name too. I’m just a bit chicken sh!t about big changes like that 😉

  13. SUPER cute!!! love that fabric! 🙂

  14. I LOVE that fabric. You are too cute! Adorable pouch.

    I’ve about had it with Blogger, too, but I’m scared to make any changes. My followers disappeared for two days and then no one could comment on my blog. There seem to be an awful lot of Blogger issues lately.

  15. I’ve heard good things about rfe hosting being cheap ($100) with great service and not losing blog info and followers. They talked a LOT about getting a .com or .net at the blog conference I went to. Personally, I’d look for a really inexpensive domain host since my blog isn’t enormous, but I am still debating a switch. That makes it so official!

  16. what’d ya decide on switching? I don’t think just having your own domain would solve any issues. I’ve off and on considered wordpress, but who knows. Lil blue boo switched recently…

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