Pat Bravo Heartland fabric tour & little britches pants

I love this new collection by Pat Bravo-called Heartland! It's full of gorgeous prints and colors, and when they asked me to be on her fabric tour, I couldn't say no! I chose to make our little Jack Jack some adorable leggings-the Happy Buns Britches pattern! I sewed up the 6 month size and it fits my little cutie just right! I want to whip up … [Read more...]

sadies baptism dress

Sadie recently turned eight and chose to be baptized (we're LDS), and therefore needed a white dress, which is tradition! She didn't really have anything in mind, but we decided on lace being a part of the dress. I settled on the Mori dress pattern, which Heidi sent to me awhile ago and I've been wanting to sew up ever since! I used this poplin, … [Read more...]

boardwalk delight dress

I'm so excited to be a part of the blog tour for Dana's new fabric line-Boardwalk Delight! She has a knack for making bright and cheerful creations and this fabric is no different! She is such a sweetheart too-I roomed with her and Kate last year at SNAP and we had a blast! She can shake it on the dance floor too and has got karaoke SKILLZ. … [Read more...]

little tees for Jack

Whipped up a few little tees for the boy the other week-I know he won't fit them for very long but by golly he looks so cute in them I don't really mind! Plus they're so easy and quick to make! Less than half an hour to tee-time. lol. I fell in love with this cute dog print knit and thought it went well with the olive green neckband and … [Read more...]

vintage floral kensington dress

I was looking over at my fabric the other day while nursing Jack at my computer (as one does....amiright?), and noticed this fabric poking out of a pile. I had thrifted it last year-it's a lovely vintage slinky knit that has one of the most unique prints I've seen! Sadie and I couldn't figure out if the design is of mushrooms, hats, birds, or all … [Read more...]

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Almost the minute (ok, at least the same day) that I found out I was having a boy this time around, I started dreaming up his nursery...browsing Pinterest for ideas and themes, of course. I pinned a bunch of random nurseries and realized there was a bit of a theme...I liked the colors grey & green, rustic wood accents, and adventure/woodsy … [Read more...]

plus sign boy quilt

  Finally posting¬† baby boy's quilt, even though it's been made for quite some I'm just running behind in all aspects of life this pregnancy! Mainly blogging though! Hoping I get back into a more regular posting mode after baby comes. (t-minus 9 days!) I am busy getting the kids room posts ready so I can't wait to share them … [Read more...]

playtime quilt (& giveaway!)

While I was working on the big room switcharoo, I realized Ava would need a new quilt for her toddler bed. Reasons being: her old quilt didn't quite match the vibe I was going for, and also it's her lovey and she drags it EVERYWHERE. So it's kinda dingy now. But well loved! I bought a bench with storage for all their smallish quilts and blankets, … [Read more...]

baby boy baprons

Baby boy needed some Baprons of I whipped a few up the other day! I was running low on bias tape (boyish colors at least, I have a LOT of pink lol), so I scrounged up some navy, cream and homemade grey to pair with the checks, Star Wars, and airplane/copter blueprint fabrics! They came together in just a quick afternoon, I love how … [Read more...]

pink velvet kitty pillow

So with baby boy on the way there's been a big shifting of the rooms in our sewing room moved to Ava's old room (the nursery), and we moved the girls into my old sewing room. It's the largest bedroom besides our master, but we had to have the sliding door changed to a window first. We're making progress on the room-it's almost done and I … [Read more...]