Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Almost the minute (ok, at least the same day) that I found out I was having a boy this time around, I started dreaming up his nursery…browsing Pinterest for ideas and themes, of course.

I pinned a bunch of random nurseries and realized there was a bit of a theme…I liked the colors grey & green, rustic wood accents, and adventure/woodsy themes.
I took it one step further and went with a Peter Pan theme! More of a lost boy, foresty theme than pirates and mermaids and fairies.

I had SO much fun finding & making all the little details for his room! I hope you enjoy it! I’ll link to products I purchased as I go. πŸ™‚

(also, I do not know the paint color name we used, sorry. I got a bunch of paint samples at the same time, all at 50% tint and they didn’t label them for me so this one is sample #1. boo I know!)

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

This canvas & felt wall hanging was one of the first things I made for the room, and I LOVE how it turned out!

Peter Pan has so many wonderful quotes about boys and childhood wonder!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

It’s a pretty small room but I was able to squeeze our crib, some shelves, a chair, and dresser in!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

We knew we needed a new dresser for this little guy, so we went with this one from Ikea…it should last him for a long time! Tons of storage!

(spray painted the knobs to match the antique brass lamps and curtain rod, which was also spray painted)

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I had so much fun picking out art for the room…I didn’t want to slam you in the face with Peter Pan-ness…tried to go for the more subtle theme. πŸ˜‰ I created the “to live will be an awfully big adventure” print in illustrator and backed it with some scrapbook paper in a clearance frame from Home Goods.

Stay Fly print is from the shop I linked to-I had to request the print (found it on Pinterest originally) and & the weathered grey frame was from Target.

I made the changing pad cover using this tutorial and this fabric.

All the fabric I used was provided by my fabulous sponsor, Fabricworm!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I ordered this print to bring in some mustard yellow (cause you know I love me some mustard yellow), and mod podged it onto a piece of plywood for a rustic piece of art!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I had to have some shelves! I found these cool shelves and hardware from Home Depot and they were pretty inexpensive to boot!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I also spray painted the hardware to match the lamps.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Also one of the first projects I worked on for the nursery-a book sacrificed itself to make these adorable blocks!

I know, I know…it was falling apart, in my defense.

Aren’t they cute all stacked up?

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Had to have an old fashioned CLOCK right?! and found this adorable vintage Peter Pan figurine on Ebay.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I added a succulent in an old container I had for some greenery, and thrifted that green picture frame…just waiting for a cute pic of Jack!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I made his name using paper mache letters, painted them a custom color, then wrapped the bottom with twine, gluing as I went. πŸ™‚

The little toy next to his name I found on Zulily.

I found the grey and linen container at Ross I think, and it’s filled with baby essentials, ie lotion, wipes, diaper cream etc…and the little green container next to that has binkies and binkie straps in it. (thrifted) Lamp is from Target!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I LOOOVE this rug and pouf!

The rug is 5’x8′ (in ivory) and fits the room great. it sheds a little but not too bad.

Pouf is from target and the most perfect shade of green!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

This chair ( in grey) is SOOO comfy. I think it’ll be perfect for night time nursing sessions and reading books!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

This pillow! sheesh it’s so adorable. I was even lucky enough to grab it on sale!

Love the cute artwork and the map of Neverland!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I wanted more shelves for books and toys at his level, so I purchased four wood crates from Joanns, and had Rory stain them and attach them together to make this cute set of storage shelves!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Thrifted the yellow metal basket and all the toys in it are hand-me-downs from my mom’s stash, except the cute wooden orange helicopter and green car are from Amazon! (affiliate link)

I made the arrow cross stitch using this pattern. πŸ™‚

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I grabbed the tree toy on top from Home Goods (it’s Melissa & Doug), and grabbed some books from the girls’ collections to add to the shelves.

The wire container on the bottom was a Target dollar spot find awhile back and the glove and car tin (containing…more Cars!) are from my parents house.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

As well as a few copies of Peter Pan!

My BFF found all those Jack books for me, aren’t they the greatest!?

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I got this fab antique brass lamp at Target, but of course. Curtains too!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I really wanted to use this PP quote since it’s pretty perfect for a boy’s nursery! So I created the calligraphy quote in Illustrator (font is called Laser Metal, free on dafont I think), and ordered a 20×30″ canvas from MyPix2. They have a lot of sales and voucher coupon codes so I think I got this one for $25. Steal! However, the canvas didn’t arrive for almost 2 months. YES 2 months. I’ve ordered from them before and it wasn’t that long so hopefully this isn’t normal for them. They gave me vague excuses every time I emailed them about it but did upgrade my shipping so when it finally did ship it came next day. Just FYI. πŸ™‚


I bought some 1″x3″ pieces of wood and had Rory stain the sides and one edge, and then my dad helped me cut it to size and frame out the canvas.

I LOVE how it makes it pop on the wall and adds some dimension!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I spent hours (embarrassing but true) scoping out possible mobile ideas and ended up finding these amazing leather mobiles.

Alas, she did not quite have my color scheme, and you know I’m a DIYer at heart, so I ordered some leather scraps off of Etsy and made my own!

I love how it turned out!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I also made a quick crib skirt. I mean literally took less than an hour.

I cut 3 pieces to size, (plus hemming inches), hemmed all size, and attached them to the crib.

WITH TAPE y’all. haha! Strong tape, but it was the easiest way to do it and I wanted to be done. lol.

Fabric from Fabricworm!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

This little guy was one of the first things I found and purchased for the room!

I mean, you gotta have a stuffed crocodile in a Peter Pan room, amiright? (I’m right)

Fabric for crib sheet.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I made the crib sheet using Dana’s tutorial, I forget how easy these are to make, seriously!

and more on the quilt here!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I found these adorable feather hooks at Land of Nod and had to have a few for hanging up his little sweaters or bags!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

I snagged this wire basket at Home Goods to stash blankets in-these two were made by my sister and sister in law, and I LOVE THEM so much!

I can’t crochet very well or fast so I appreciate and love when people who can make me things.

All the beautiful things. yay!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

aaand because I’m nosy and love seeing how other people organize things, I’ll show you part of the closet and his dresser drawers!

I’ve got his bins of clothes for all the different sizes…diaper bag…bouncer…boppy with arrow cover I made…and some of his Sunday clothes hanging up.

Up on the shelf is an Ergo carrier, a few storage boxes (toys, etc), and a bin of shoes.

On the other side is a hamper and diapers from my shower. very very exciting stuff.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

In the top drawers of the dresser, we have some diapers….wipes…baby care kit.

and in the other drawer, burp cloths that I made or was given, washcloths, and some changing pad liners.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

scooching over to the other top drawers, we have a bin of ties, bow ties, and binkies…plus socks galore!

I saved the girls plain white socks for him to use because those things get lost so easily! I hate buying new socks all the time, haha.

and in the other drawer, bibs and hats!

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

Some 0-3 mo clothes….

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

and newborn size clothes plus sleepers for 0-3 mo size.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

and in the bottom…an extra boppy cover, fox towel, our Solly wrap

Β and a bunch of made or purchased swaddler blankets.

Peter Pan Baby Boy Nursery

and some sheet savers, extra sheets & changing pad covers, our Copper Pearl nursing/carseat/shopping cart cover and more blankets!

well that’s the end folks! We are so excited to welcome this little guy and share his nursery with you too!


  1. Wow! You did a truly amazing job on Jack’s nursery! I love the colors, and how it is both appropriate for a little boy AND sophisticated. Thanks for sharing! And enjoy your baby boy πŸ™‚

  2. What a well thought-out room! So many fun things for him to grow up loving.

  3. Surely you’ve seen “Hook” since you named your boy Jack and have a Peter Pan theme?

  4. Mari Monroe says

    Mom of 2 boys and Peter Pan is our fave!! You did such an amazing job!!!!

  5. love all the special details, the feather hooks are awesome! Pretty and functional!

  6. So, so adorable and cute theme! I have been decorating my little boy’s nursery do this was super fun to see.

  7. This turned out absolutely darling!! I love the woodland look, and all the pieces of art are perfect! I need to copy that crate bookshelf. I particularly love the twine-wrapped letters. =)

  8. This room is amazing!!! Great job!!!

  9. Every detail is darling! You are a creative genius! Little boys are the best!

  10. I absolutely love it! this will grow with him so well!

  11. Love it. So understated yet the theme cannot be missed. Congratulations to the whole family

  12. Very adorable nursery! Enjoy every precious baby moment with your little man!

  13. awesome. Youre baby is enjoy πŸ™‚

    im from Indonesia πŸ™‚

  14. Um, you just broke pinterest. This is amazing! Like, amazing amazing. I have YET to see a successful (not overdone and themey) Peter Pan nursery. This is beautiful!

  15. What a beautiful nursery! Very well put together. What kind of spray paint did you use to do the knobs and shelving hardware? Is there a brand you recommend? Thanks!

    • I got it from Hobby Lobby, don’t remember the brand. I wouldn’t recommend it anyway because it took a TON of coats to get to where it is now, but it was the only paint i could find that matched my lamps closely enough. πŸ™‚

  16. Any chance you’d make another set of those blocks and sell them!!? I need them for my Peter Pan nursery!

  17. The is the cutest, most adorable little boy’s nursery I have ever seen!! Well done! Wish I had been a sewer and DIY-er back when I was pregnant with my boys. πŸ™‚ How fun!!

  18. What about the “Think Happy Thoughts”? Did you make that/purchase it??

  19. Love this nursery! You did fantastic! What font did you use for the “Think Happy Thoughts” hanging?

  20. Did you make the quilt or where is it from?

  21. So cute! Love the crates as a book shelf and storage. What did you stain it with?

  22. What dimension shelves did you get? I have the same dresser and I love how they look in comparison to the dresser, size wise.

  23. I love this! Can you tell me what size blocks you used for the book blocks you created? I’d like to make something similar for my friend’s baby shower!

  24. Morgan Scarborough says

    Do you have a link to that color fabric you used for the crib skirt?

  25. Love, love, love this adorable nursery! The colors are fantastic and I love how you used the quotes from the book. Such a happy and fun little space!

  26. This is amazing!! We have a little one the way and if it is a boy, we may have to copy you!! Did you make the quilt??

  27. This is by far the best Peter Pan themed nursery on the internet. Thank you for the inspiration! Any chance you know the artist of the ship print? I can’t find it and it’s my favorite part of your nursery.


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