vintage floral kensington dress

vintage floral kensington dress

I was looking over at my fabric the other day while nursing Jack at my computer (as one does….amiright?), and noticed this fabric poking out of a pile.

I had thrifted it last year-it’s a lovely vintage slinky knit that has one of the most unique prints I’ve seen!

Sadie and I couldn’t figure out if the design is of mushrooms, hats, birds, or all of the above.

Either way, she liked it  (miraculously), and I decided on a simple dress-The Kensington dress.

vintage floral kensington dress

I’ve made it once before and I want to make a million more-It’s super quick, adorable, and the neck binding is ridic easy.

I love ridic easy things.

Especially since….baby.

I made a size 5 bodice and for the skirt, I added 2″ to the size 5 skirt-and also 4 extra inches across for more gathers.

I had just enough fabric to eeek it out-I only had one small scrap left when I was done.

I used a cool trick that I mentioned last time and I’ll add it here because it’s that good:
My favorite way to attach a gathered skirt to a bodice, for knits, at least…is to use elastic thread in the bobbin, and sew with a zig zag stitch…after you sew it together, steam it up with the iron and it tightens up the seam and the skirt lays so nicely!

vintage floral kensington dress

Jack was even nice enough to take a 2.5 hour nap so I could make it all in one sitting! woo! thanks buddy!

vintage floral kensington dress

vintage floral kensington dress

Shoes are from Ross.


  1. Amy Amelia says

    Hey Jess, such a gorgeous dress – your method for attaching the skirt is so clever! I’ve used clear elastic in the past but it’s so yucky to sew with and if i don’t manage to fully enclose it in the seam it’s uncomfortable too. Can i ask do you use a normal or narrow zig zag width to sew the skirt on?

  2. Sadie’s such a beautiful girl! I bet she looks good with everything 🙂

  3. That is pretty cute! I can’t figure out what that fabric is supposed to be either, but Sadie rocks it! 😉

  4. Wow, super cute dress and daughter!

  5. Adorable ! Love it !

  6. Glad you got a chance to sew!!! I learned to sew a little while nursing by the time I had the 5th and 6th. 🙂 I will have to try the elastic thread trick!

  7. It’s beautiful – and so is she! I have not been on blogger for a very long time, but saw your post today and cannot believe all the change! I followed you when you just had one little. 🙂

  8. I see ladies wearing hats. They have their heads tilted and the hat ties under the chin, thus the bow. Love it!

  9. Elizabeth Draper says

    I think the image is a woman wearing a hat with a flower on top. Some of the ladies even have a bow from the hat under their chin.

  10. Wendy H. says

    Gorgeous dress! Love it!

    Where did you find those shoes?

  11. Ah I love it! That’s a really cool print and E love her simple knit (Lulu!) dresses right now the best. She’s growing out of them though, ack!!

    So impressed that you sewed AND blogged!!

  12. Okay, I’m embarrassed. But could you explain more your skirt attaching trick? how do you get the skirt to set into the bodice when it is so much bigger in diameter? Do you zig zag the skirt with elastic thread first to shrink it down? I’m so excited to learn this trick!!!

    • I gather it to fit first per the pattern instructions, I just use the elastic thread when attaching the gathered skirt to the bodice. 🙂

  13. Your girls always look so darling in everything you make. I’m thinking that the print may be of a May Day basket. They used to make them and fill with flowers “Back in the Day”…. and drop them off at neighbor and friends house on May 1st!
    Cute colors, and I do like the extra fullness of the skirt. My granddaughters would love that!

  14. Christy Haggard says

    Love the dress! Where do you buy your knit fabrics?

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