plus sign boy quilt

  Finally posting  baby boy's quilt, even though it's been made for quite some I'm just running behind in all aspects of life this pregnancy! Mainly blogging though! Hoping I get back into a more regular posting mode after baby comes. (t-minus 9 days!) I am busy getting the kids room posts ready so I can't wait to share them … [Read more...]

playtime quilt (& giveaway!)

While I was working on the big room switcharoo, I realized Ava would need a new quilt for her toddler bed. Reasons being: her old quilt didn't quite match the vibe I was going for, and also it's her lovey and she drags it EVERYWHERE. So it's kinda dingy now. But well loved! I bought a bench with storage for all their smallish quilts and blankets, … [Read more...]

grey, green, and teal baby boy quilt

My bestie is having her fourth baby quite soon, and it's a boy! I knew I wanted to make her a quilt, so I hopped over to Pinterest to dig around. I ended up deciding on this style/ clue if it's called anything specific but I loved how easy it was to sew up! Having the layout in mind I picked out my fabrics from (will link … [Read more...]

R2D2 quilt and star wars onesies

    I've gotta say, right off the bat, this quilt is probably one of my favorite makes of all time. It was SERIOUSLY hard to part with, but since I made it for a friend, and decided I could make myself one someday...I let it go. barely. (edit, actually this quilt pictured is MINE my kids! I made two actually, started the second right after I … [Read more...]

plaid quilt, blanket, and baby boy gifts (and a giveaway!)

It's been awhile since I threw my sister her shower, but I lost these pics and just recently located them hidden in some random folder. Ha! So here you go-here's the stuff I made for my seester's baby! (well, really her.) (and squeee I am visiting her and baby Benson right now!) The colors she chose for the nursery were orange, grey, and … [Read more...]

yellow, grey, and mint triangle quilt

I made this triangle quilt for a good friend, as you may have seen by now. A friend that has been supportive, kind, great at dishing out sewing and design advice, and generally all around awesome. You know her as Kristin, from Skirt as Top! We've been online friends for about a year and a half now, bonding over the gorgeous Junebug remix she … [Read more...]

scallop baby quilt

  Whew. This quilt had a ton of piecing! I loved the scallops though and I had to make it happen. Even through seam ripping a whole row. (the worst EVER! #quiltingproblems) I made it happen because it was for a dear, dear friend who means a lot to me. So anyways! I used my drunkard's path die from Accuquilt to cut all my pieces (it took about a … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s granny square quilt (and a quilting discount!)

  SO. Charlotte's epic (-ly long- taking quilt) is finished! I'm really excited about how this one finished up, and she's really excited to have it on her bed. It is pretty darn cozy, can't blame her there. The tutorial I used was this one, and sheesh those blocks were a ton of work, but so cute. I used a mix of vintage feedsack … [Read more...]

Sadie’s quilt

Hallelujah! I finally managed to finish Sadie's quilt, which I only started when she was a baby...that's all. And yes she's 3 1/2 now. In my defense, it was too big to quilt on my little machine, and I couldn't find a reasonable deal to have it sent off or too have somewhere local quilt it.  Then my mom and dad joined this cool shop with all kinds … [Read more...]

doll bed+bedding=:D

Please, enjoy the cuteness. I know I have. We got this doll bed at Ikea the other day, and of course the bedding that came with just would. not. do. Not for this obsessive sewer. So I made this little quilt/pillow set to match Sadie's room. (I said, obsessive) That little pillow is my favorite! Makes me wish I could shrink down to try it … [Read more...]