cross stitches in my Etsy shop

More new things in the Etsy shop this week! Hopefully you saw my mini Hogwarts trunks, I had so much fun making them! I also made some Jane Austen/Regency themed cross stitches, and they turned out so cute I think! I especially love Jane herself! I am making an Emma/Knightley cross stitch too, because they are my fave couple! Love me some … [Read more...]

Invitation Designs!

I'm thrilled to let you all know I've started creating digital, printable invitations and put them in my ETSY shop! I have had SO much fun designing and creating these, and hope you like them too! If you have any theme ideas, do let me know, I'm always thinking about new designs and themes! Click on any design to see more! … [Read more...]

crafting, for hope.

you've probably heard about craft hope'setsy store by now...what an amazing way to help the haiti people. they've raised over $20,000 already for Doctors Without Borders. they're accepting donations again in a few weeks, and i'll be planning on donating some onesies, but for now, i did my part by purchasing a super cute, fun, and EASY mary jane … [Read more...]

i love swapping

i did a swap on etsy recently, with a new bloggy friend, kristen. she makes THE cutest hair clips. (i mean it) she has two little girls, so i made them some ruffle shirts, and she made sadie some clips...i love them. my fav is the grey ruffly one. swoon. sadie loves them too, i'm pretty sure she knows exactly what they're for. (to make her … [Read more...]

one year old!

No, not Sadie. My Etsy store!! Maybe you've heard of it?I've been up and running for a year now. It's been a blast! I love all the people I've met through the site, they're all so friendly and easy to work with!Go check out my new blog here: details on my anniversary hurrah!P.S. You could get your hands on some … [Read more...]

Another reason I love blogs…

I got a message on my etsy site today from this lady who runs a sort of product review, here-is-some-cool-stuff-for-moms site. She had found my store and wrote some really nice things about it! Here's the link if anyone is interested.House update: We're supposed to get the keys for the house tomorrow or Friday!Baby update: She's getting big! and … [Read more...]

50 sales!

Not to toot my own horn...ok it is tooting my own horn, but bear with me, cause I'm excited. My etsy shop just made it's 50th sale! yeah baby! It's pretty exciting, especially since I didn't really know what to expect when I started this up a month and a half ago. It's fun, it's creative, and rewarding, so I hope to keep it up after the baby comes. … [Read more...]

Cute artwork for the nursery

I just want to plug for another awesome Etsy shop. I ordered this print at Saratams shop last week, and it arrived today! I want to do the nursery in soft pinks, aqua, and off white. So this fit the bill perfectly. We got a cute frame at target and it looks awesome. It's exciting to think that I will have a nursery soon to decorate! I can't … [Read more...]

New in the store!

I worked on some new items for my etsy store over the weekend...go take a gander! Spread the word to all your friends with babies, or if you need a baby shower gift...hint hint...they're great gifts! Click on the link to on the side of my blog! … [Read more...]

My Etsy Shop

Feel like going shopping? Need a cute baby shower present? Then head to my Etsy shop. Do I sound like an infomercial? hehe. Well, I opened my Etsy shop this week and have a few of my items up for purchase. I haven't sold anything yet but I am getting some interest. (BTW, Etsy is like eBay for handmade products) A mommy review blog wants to review … [Read more...]