recipe: cinnamon swirl cookies

A friend of mine (hi Lauren!) brought over these cookies awhile ago and I just about fought off the kids and Rory so that I could eat the last one...they are THAT good. And this is coming from a choco-holic. They are delicious...perfectly cinnamon bun-esque! They aren't quick cookies since you have to chill them a few times, but trust me, … [Read more...]

charlotte’s dinosaur birthday party

After last years parties, I really did cut back this year on the girls parties. If you don't believe me, check out those links. ;) I have a tendency to go way overboard with! I get it from my mom. Thanks, mama. Anyways, it felt great to be more low key this year and also, we just did a small friends and moms playdate style … [Read more...]

school themed cookies

I was feeling the itch to make some sugar cookies the other week. With all my spare time, ya know. ;) But I had to scratch that itch, so I signed up to bring a treat for Sadie's preschool graduation party. (I know. No caps and gowns at least) I of course, went with the obvious supplies. I used a wavy square for the letter ones, … [Read more...]

Christmas cookie box (and recipes!)

  I spent last week baking my little heart out. I love baking. Not the dishes so much, but they don't go away no matter how hard I try to ignore them, so I guess they come with the territory. It's so relaxing for me, and luckily the girls love to "help". Until they get bored and go make messes and change clothes a million times per day. (Sadie, … [Read more...]

strawberry and robot cookies

I love making cookies for parties! woohoo! It's like my own personal party in my kitchen. Wow, dork alert.  But seriously......I made these strawberry cookies for my best friend's daughter's strawberry shortcake party awhile ago. (who is Sadie's best friend, of course. We totally didn't pressure them into just kidding they love each … [Read more...]

choo choo! train party

ohmygosh. I love parties! I love planning them most of all, so when my friend Aimee asked me to help with her youngest son's party, of course I was on board. (train pun intended ;)We decided on a train theme-and when she saw this fabric on my sewing room floor, decided these colors (teal, brown, and green), would be so cute. I think it all came … [Read more...]

Happy Hunger Games!

EEEEEESHK! (that's my uber-nerdy, excited sound, by the way) I can't wait to see The Hunger Games tonight (ok, early tomorrow morning...midnight showing), after months of waiting. I of course, had to make some cookies to mark the occasion. ;) I was inspired by these cookies...they are fantastic! I did my mockingjays with royal icing by tracing over … [Read more...]

St Patty’s day cookies and free printable

  My good friend Kim invited me and the girls up yesterday to make cookies-she wanted some royal icing/sugar cookie tips, and well, I always love frosting cookies so I was totally game! We made shamrocks of course, but I didn't have a pot of gold cookie cutter or anything, so I got creative (yeah super duper creative lol) with a circle and … [Read more...]

Superhero party treats and a free printable

My good friend Aimee was planning her son's (coincidentally, Sadie's future husband, or so she says) birthday party and I volunteered to make some superhero cookies and cupcakes, because if you know me at all, you know I love to bake...and a good theme! Her husband cut out that awesome skyline, and the POW sign from poster board. (plus a … [Read more...]

book club favors and treats

So, I hosted our monthly book club this month, and chose Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen for us to read. Ok, so the gorgeous cover of this copy might have been a factor...but can you blame me? helloooo pretty lady. I had mixed feelings about the book-it was good and I enjoyed the story, but parts of it were extremely hard for me to get through … [Read more...]