project run and play recap

Didja hear? I won Spring Formal Wear Week! Cue jaw to't believe it! :)Well, it's over. Project Run and Play All-Stars was SO much fun. I had a blast-you know me and a good I was in heaven! Not to say I didn't feel the stress of competition and deadlines (definitely did!), but it was so fun to be pushed creatively, … [Read more...]

Project run and play week 4-ballerine de corail

Vote for your favorite look here! I had SO much fun with this week....and so did Sadie!  The theme was " Spring Formal Wear"....and after all, what's more fun than dressing up like a princess? A ballerina I guess! She even got to wear a little make up-she was in heaven when I told her that she could. She also relished getting her hair curled. … [Read more...]

Project Run and Play week 3-Modern Marigold

Vote for your favorite look here! "It's all in the details" week was definitely the hardest for me, took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do...after all,  the theme "Details" is not much of a guideline. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted! Talk about overwhelming. Finally, with the help of my awesome best friend … [Read more...]

chevron week on Project Run and Play-my look

Vote here for your favorite look! Get ready for another barrage of photos!  Chevron week! So, let's talk about chevrons. You either love them or you don't. I am in the "love them" camp-so I was really looking forward to this theme! I also really wanted to alter the chevrons to give them a different that's where the piecing came … [Read more...]

Art Inspired week on Project Run and Play-my look

GUYSSSSSS!!!! Project Run and Play is here! I am sooo excited. I am ecstatic to finally be able to compete in all the weeks (If you didn't know, I have the lovely distinction of being the first person ousted...ever, on Project Run and Play. Oh yeahhh...that's going on the resume....) So I am just giddy that I can finally participate fully. :-D  I … [Read more...]

new look for the blog, fabric shopping, and a little bit of Ava

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't....the blog has gotten a makeover! I'm so excited for this fresh new look-it's got my favorite colors (minus coral, I didn't want to totally match Ava's nursery), some new features, and a sleek new design. Up on top you can navigate to the Home, About, Tutorials, Patterns (soon! So excited about this!), … [Read more...]

Project Run and Play guest post-the Amelia dress

Hey guys, are you as excited for the new Project Run and Play cycle as I am? I have a few bloggy friends that are competing so it'll be fun cheering them on and seeing what they come up with!Anyways, the lovely new gals in charge asked me to do a little tutorial, so here I am with a frilly, vintage-esque dress that I kinda want in my size. … [Read more...]

Guest post for Project Run and Play

Check out my guest tutorial today over on Project Run and Play! It's the start of Cycle 2, and the first week's theme is Back to School! There are some really adorable outfits over there. Make sure to go vote for your favorite! I was lucky enough to participate in the last round (well, for one week only, lol), and am so excited to do this guest … [Read more...]

scallop shirt on Project Run and Play

  Hey guys-head over to Project Run and Play to see the tutorial for what I call the Scallop Shirt. (my thought process on this name was very short, lol) Anyways, it's simple and sweet, just my style. (luckily Sadie's too, for now at least!) Can't wait to see the designers stuff this week! Should be awesome!  Click below for more … [Read more...]

vintage feedsack dress

Pardon the interruption of Love week, please! Here's the dress I made for Vintage/retro week on Project Run and Play. At least it's red, right?Anyways,  get ready for a plethora of pictures-cause Sadie was way into modeling for me that day and actually stood still a few times! Miracles happen. I've had this fabric and have been waiting to … [Read more...]