photo booth

i found this super creative idea here, and although we had some hiccups, like a broken lamp and such, it still was fun! i don’t think i’ll try it again anytime soon. lol.


  1. Very clever idea:)

  2. The cropping totally makes the pictures! Love it!

  3. I think your photo booth turned out cuter than the idea giver! Sadie’s party turned out super awesome. All the decorations and food looked delish. She will have some good memories to relish one day (with scrapbook pages of course). You rock!

  4. Very cool idea! Can you share what type of lighting/camera you used?

  5. well, i used a few lamps, a tripod, and a digital camera. just a point and shoot! it would have been nice to have better lighting…but it worked out!

  6. So sorry I missed the party….and only by a few hours too! It looked so fun and everything was adorable! Lucky Sadie! I love the photo booth idea. I might have to try it at school for some thing. Details please!

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