bracelets for Craft Hope

You’ve probably heard of Craft Hope before, but it’s an awesome organization that chooses a cause or need, and then puts the call out to crafters everywhere to fill it. They’ve had many different types of projects in the past, and I’ve participated a few times. It’s always fun and it’s so nice to give back when you can. It reminds me of how thankful I am for my life and family and wonderful hobby.

Anyways, their latest project is making bracelets for orphans in Russia, and about 2 seconds after I read the post, I felt so strongly about hosting a craft night for this specific cause, that I sent out an evite to my friends within ten minutes or so.

Well, it was this past week, and a smashing success! We had a blast chatting and crafting and talking some more. Mostly about kids, childbirth, sewing, and hubbies. (not necessarily in that order, lol)

L to R: Kim, Jessie, Cassy, Luana, Brett, Lisa, Aimee, Me, and Kersha

I shoved some tables together, spread out some supplies, and we went to town!

Smile everyone! (on the right is my new sewing pal Jessie that I told you all about on Facebook!)

We made quick work of these finger knit bracelets!  I think we all had the most fun with these, they were easy and fun to embellish with buttons!

Like so.

We also made some fun ribbon and pearl bracelets!

For our treats, I made Hi Hat Cupcakes. In mini and large sizes. Though, the recipe calls for sugar in the frosting…(which I took to be white sugar, since it DIDN’T specify powdered sugar.) well, it didn’t dissolve and was gritty. So, sorry gals, for making you eat my gritty frosting! Oh well! Keepin’ it real.

So here are our efforts! Awesome, huh? The total (after a miscalculation by me and some hidden bracelets by Sadie) was 77 bracelets!


  1. What a fun friend night for a wonderful cause. 77 is awesome!

  2. Man, now I really feel famous! Haha. I love it.

    This was a great night, and I’m so glad we could do something (even such a small something) to help others. Thanks SO much for inviting me, I seriously can’t begin to say how flattered I am.

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  4. How fun! I am so glad you shared Craft Hope with us, I had never heard of them!

  5. That is so awesome! I am totally impressed. Way to be proactive for a good cause.

  6. omgosh! the world is so small, I recognize one of your friends, she married one of the missionaries from my area =D

  7. Awesome, Jess. What a great idea to organize a craft night for this cause.

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