i love swapping

i did a swap on etsy recently, with a new bloggy friend, kristen. she makes THE cutest hair clips. (i mean it) she has two little girls, so i made them some ruffle shirts, and she made sadie some clips…i love them. my fav is the grey ruffly one. swoon.

sadie loves them too, i’m pretty sure she knows exactly what they’re for. (to make her irresistibly kissable and huggable to mommy) she spent 10 minutes pulling them off their cards and then crawling around the playroom with them clutched in her little chubby hands. aw. so check out her etsy shop, she just added a bunch of new clips!

p.s. do you ever feel like you have SO MUCH to blog about, and not enough time? that’s how i feel right now. i have some recipes chomping at the bit…maybe i will get them posted tomorrow. they’re yummy….


  1. I will need to try out your new recipe. We loved the chicken pillow recipe! I am lovin’ the cute clippies. Too bad boys can’t wear them! Mia has way to many to justify MORE…I also love the oven mitt. Geepers, you go girl!

  2. oh it looks so cute on her! thanks for bloggin’ about me, we sure love your adorable ruffle shirts!

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