Joanna’s wedding

My little sister is married! How weird, and Awesome! That’s me on the left, and my sister Janae on the right. Joanna is obviously the one in the wedding dress, haha. Julia, my youngest sister, was on her way over for pictures. 😉
Greeting her outside the temple.
The Oakland temple, to be exact.
here he is stealing a kiss. they’re the cutest!
the bride kicking up her heels
Joanna and I
Bride and bridesmaids…and little birthday girl Sadie! (she turned two that day)We got the bridesmaids dresses here.

She was quite the scene stealer, hamming it up for the cameras! (thanks to my sis in law, Steph, for taking these pics for me!
taking a break for some bagels
Sadie blowing Joanna a kiss…from two feet away. lol!
Now, to the reception: her colors were so classy-a dark teal and silver. My mom made all of those chair covers. She’s kind of insane. Now you know where I get my party planning obsession.
The flowers were gorgeous!
they had a fun dance floor..
and gorgeous cake made by a family friend. WOW. amazing-looking, and it tasted great!
my little contribution to the food: I made the Cinnamon Honey Butter (YUMMM), and the Herb Butter, for rolls.
The girls in their dresses! Charlotte had a bow too, but Sadie lost hers so she borrowed Charlotte’s. Bald baby didn’t mind much.
Sadie had a blast “dancing” with Cody’s nephew. They were so cute together…she was bossing him around like nobody’s business. What a redhead!
It was a beautiful day, beautiful night, and I managed not to sound like much of an idiot during my toast. At least, I hope so. The couple is off to sunny Mexico now!


  1. Is that the dress you made (the white one that Sadie is wearing)?
    That came out adorable! Even if I”m confused and you didn’t make it it’s still wicked cute 🙂
    Looks like a fun time!

  2. What a fun day. It looks like all your preparation paid off! Everyone looks beautiful. The dresses you made are perfect. Congrats and I hope you are resting!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your sister! I love how the girls’ dresses turned out! 🙂

  4. COngratulations to your sister and her new husband.
    The bridemaids dresses are lovely and vintage-y.
    and of course Sadie & Charlotte look adorable… but so does their mummy. x.

  5. Congrats to your sister! LOVE the dresses you made!!

  6. I love the overall look. Fun!

    I love the Bridesmaids dresses. Did someone make those? If not, may I ask where you bought them. So cute.


    CurlysCreations at gmail dot com

  7. Which temple is it? The link just sent us to the main page and I’m dying to know which one.

    And of course, the dresses you made turned out fantastic and everyone looks gorgeous!

  8. Thanks for sharing the wedding photos! I wish we could have been there! I’m glad Logan, Anne, and Lance made it to represent the Pettit family! We are looking forward to the reception in Ogden this weekend! Can’t wait to see you all and join in the wedding fun!

  9. Just wondering……where di the dance floor come from?

  10. I just HAVE to comment for 2 reasons:
    1-you seriously look amazing!!!
    2-everything/everyone else looks amazing!!!

  11. what a gorgeous wedding. Your sister was beautiful!! loves the colors too!
    I think you meant to say : flower girl (on that first pictures that your daughter appears. You said birthday girl..hehehe)
    anyways, loved all the decoration. You are my inspiration!!!

  12. YAY!!!! HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!! Did my mom make the rolls for the wedding?

  13. That dress turned out beautifully! Looks like it was a fantastic day.

  14. Thanks everyone! They got the dance floor-which was vinyl flooring from Lowe’s, I think!

  15. I have to admit, I started to tear up a bit looking at your pictures! Weddings always do that to me. Joanna was beautiful just like always 🙂 I can’t believe a year ago we were all just goofy singles in the Santa Teresa Ward!

  16. So first, the bride is BEAUTIFUL. Second you are beautiful. Third those little girls of yours BEA-utiful.

    Way to go on those fabulous dresses.

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