You know those vacations that you need a vacation from when you get home? This was one of those. The girls had their issues with sleeping and eating, but we still managed to have a lot of fun together! I’ll spare you from the rundown, but here’s a few of my favorite pics!

This is the best shot I got of the two of them in their dresses. Yep, they weren’t exactly cooperative with my picture taking…lol.

One of Sadie’s rides was the teacups! She went on it three times and would have gone on it more if we were up to it. She kept egging Rory on… “FASTER DADDY FASTER! WHEEEEEEE!”

Luckily Charlotte enjoyed them, too! (I got their Tink and Snow White shirts at Old Navy)

We spent a lot of time chasing this girl around. She’s surprisingly independent and will take off without a backward glance. Slightly scary!

I enjoyed some cuddle time with one of my favorite girls! (on the Jungle Cruise…she freaked out when the piranhas jumped out of the water…confession: I totally had to google how to spell piranhas right there…heh heh. Well, do YOU know how to spell it off the top of your head? no cheating!)

We watched their new parade…and it was AWEsome. Lots of music and dancing and characters!

Sadie loved seeing Tiana-and all the princesses. (+ Mary Poppins=freak out! But in a good way)

We got to meet Minnie Mouse, and Sadie warmed up to her slightly. Little by little we’ll get a picture where they’re hugging each other happily! (probably when she understands the power of the dollar bill aka bribery)

Charlotte got her first mouse ears! (uh, adorable)

Sadie cheesed it up on another favorite ride, the Casey Jr. train. She really wanted to go on the orange cage…it was funny how her color choices for ride-mobiles changed. At first she was obsessed with pink cars (or teacups, shells….) then it was yellow…then orange.

Charlotte enjoyed hanging out with her Daddy….and Luke and Vader, I guess. πŸ˜‰

She also LOVED the carousel. Sadie on the other hand, freaked out once she was on the horse and politely asked screamed at me to be taken off.

Β Meanwhile, Rory and I attempted to hold it together while keeping a 3 year old and 16 month old happy. This is the only family pic we got on the trip, too. (blurry, too…it was with our little point and shoot) I’m horrible at handing off the camera, which is why I’m only in 2 pictures. sigh….when I’m loaded I will hire a photographer to follow us around on vacations. So…I’d better make my peace with that never happening. lol.

We really did have fun! So much, we’re going back once the Christmas decorations are up. πŸ˜€


  1. Aw I love Disneyland! Looks like it was a fun trip. The girls look adorable in their Minnie dresses!!

  2. How sweet! I love all these pictures of your sweet family. It looks like you guys had a blast.

  3. Oh how fun! I love Disneyland, ESPECIALLY in October. The weather’s great and I love the Halloween decorations. You two are brave taking such young girlies! This makes me want to go… πŸ™‚

  4. De-lurking to say that I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip! The girls looked lovely in their Minnie Mouse dresses (you did a great job on those!) My 18mo-old is also very independent. Her sister wasn’t quite like that… Scary!

  5. So much fun! It looked like you had a great time. I just love taking my kids there. We have been debating passes again. Honestly, I still feel like it is such a magical place.

  6. We were just there too! I love being there in October. And lovelovelove the dresses!

  7. Glad you had such a fun time!! πŸ™‚ Fun pictures and stories! I would volunteer to be your photographer for free if you pay for my travel. πŸ™‚

  8. Well done! With all the sewing and the gigantor trip, I bet you need a holiday! grace

  9. A vacation like this is so special! The girls are just darling in their dresses! Glad everyone had fun!

  10. teacups always equal rocket vomit in our family! it is so good to see that didn’t happen with yours! they look so happy!

  11. I’m so glad to hear your family had a fantastic time! My little one was 18 months when we went and like Charlotte would just take off. Luckily my Grandma loves Disneyland and selflessly volunteered to go with us. Having an extra set of eyes & hands was a blessing.

  12. Awww the girls look so cute! AND I LOVE the new parade!

  13. So glad you had a fun trip! The girls look adorable in their minnie dresses! This is making me very excited for our trip to DL (in 21 days!)

  14. It really looks like you had a lot of fun, although I can imagine how difficult it is to manage two little girls (I have to girls about the same age as yours).
    By the way, I would know how to speel piranhas, since their native here in Brazil! lol
    Love your blog and your pics. I made about 6 of the baprons already but gave them as gifts without taking any pictures…will do next time!

  15. Now I’m even more excited about taking the kids this December to Disney World! Must make minnie mouse dress…

  16. glad you guys took a ‘vacation’. πŸ™‚ I know how those go!

  17. Looks like lots of fun, Jess! Glad you and your family had a great time πŸ™‚ My parents didn’t take me to Disney World until I was in 6th grade. I vowed then that one day when I had a family my kids would go when they were young enough to really get wrapped up in the magic. A couple more years, and we’re there!

  18. so fun! i hear you about needing a vacation from your vacation. especially when you are chasing kids around! i would love to make it to disneyland some year!

  19. You are part of such a lovely family!! It’s so beautiful to see your four happy faces!

    I enjoy learning from your sewing skills so very much, thanks so much for sharing them so often!

    Have fun!

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  20. OMGosh! I LOVE Disneyland!! I haven’t been since I was 21 (what with being a good 18+ hour plane ride away!) I can’t wait to take my girls there for the first time. You guys are super lucky to live close enough to go regularly!!! Looks like you had a ball!!!!

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