my trip to fabric land (I mean Utah)

As some of you know, this past weekend I visited my sister and brother in Utah. I also visited lots of fabric stores! ๐Ÿ˜€ Giddy face! Including Hobby Lobby! This is my stack from the cut counter, I had to pare it down a lot too. lol. You can see the polka dots on the bottom…yeah I’m pretty much making the same dress Erin did here. hehe. The rest I don’t have many plans for, just had to get it since we don’t have one nearby!

Saturday was a SHOPPING day! We (being Courtenay, sis in law Steph, my sister Joanna, and I+Charlotte and Everett) hit up a yard sale first (found a cool book from my childhood and neat painting), then Hobby Lobby, Material Girls, Fabric Center, Hancock Fabrics, and the Downeast Outlet.

Stopped at Chik fil-A for some fuel! Pretty yummy! Don’t mind my tired eyes. Charlotte pretty much kept me up the whole night before, Joanna too. I gave up on trying to get her to sleep at 4:30 and we watched Arrested Development.

Charlotte and Everett had several cute moments together throughout the trip, and were pros at napping when we were in the car! Don’t they look cute in their Baprons!?

I ended up buying around 20 yards of fabric, er, hehe. I saved up!

That night we all gathered at Courtenay and her hubby John’s new house! (John is my cousin, btw, the sisters married cousins!) It is adorable and I can’t wait to see how she decorates it!

Courtenay and Steph (she made that corsage, adorable, right?)

Stephanie picked out some fabric and colors for her nursery-it is going to be Soo cute.

My sis and her hubby Cody. He was such a good sport about Charlotte’s crying at night and I enjoyed getting to know him better!

Monday my sis and I hit up some thrift stores and had lunch together. It was so nice to have lots of talk time with her. THANK you so much for carting me around Jobo!

Does that face look familiar to anyone? I met my pal Katie from Notes from a Very Red Kitchen! It was so fun to meet in real life, kind of surreal! We gabbed for awhile that afternoon. It was so fun to meet her in real life and chat about blogs, kids, etc. Her daughter Olivia is so cute and was so sweet with Charlotte! They even had a diaper changing party together. Our kids know how to live it up! She sent me home with a bag of tee shirts that I can’t wait to play around with.

Joanna and I had fun picking out some fabric, curtains, frames, etc, to spruce up her front room. Stephanie was nice enough to let us take over her sewing machine that night to make some pillow covers. Joanna was so excited about them she started looking up sewing machine reviews with her hubby Cody that night. ANother one bites the dust!

They turned out cute huh? Our poses, not so much. But anyways. It was so nice to visit with friends and family that I don’t see often. Besides Charlotte being a royal pain at night, she did really good. It was nice to see her uncles and aunts bonding with her a bit, by the end she was really comfortable with them! (yes, it takes her awhile to warm up to anyone)

My brother Jarom also got me hooked on Eli Stone. So good! Thanks you guys for feeding me and hanging out every day. I loved it!


  1. Looks like good times!!! I don’t know how you slept at all – you crammed a lot into that weekend! That’s awesome you have people you can fabric shop with–I have to fly solo on that one. When I mention Joann’s you can literally see people’s eyes glaze over, lol.

  2. Awww Jess looks like you had such a lovely time and that cute picture of the kids! You had me at the first picture, I just drooled, all that ribbon, fabric, notions … here in Muscat, Oman we have NO repeat NO places like that just small fabric shops with very little to offer, sigh, and then to read all the places you went to, very lucky girl! Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  3. Great pictures! Glad you had such a fun time!

  4. What a fun trip! (minus the not sleeping). I had to visit Hobby Lobby in New Mexico b/c there aren’t any here either. I bought the same polka dot fabric in January and I want to make the same dress. Gosh, I’m so original.

  5. I have most of those fabrics you have in the first picture lol :). LOVE hobby lobby! Looks like you had fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Look at all that fabric. We have a Hobby Lobby here…haven’t been for awhile…um now I kind of have the urge.

  7. Love the stack of fabrics you found at Hobby Lobby, Love those DOT’S!

  8. I notice non of your readers are sufficiently impressed that you met me. Haha. That’s okay. I wouldn’t be impressed by meeting me either. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was definitely fun to meet you! Too bad we don’t live closer so we could hang out more often. Thanks again so much for squeezing me in!

  9. Only recently have I discovered how amazing fabric shopping can be. Those patterns look gorgeous!

  10. Great read!
    Great photos!

    Wonderful fabric
    and cute cute cute kidlets! x

  11. Love the pictures – looks like you had a great time! Hobby Lobby is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for fabric. Luckily (or unluckily?) they’re *always* having a 30% off fabric sale.

  12. what a fun trip, looks like you had a blast!

  13. what a fun trip, looks like you had a blast!

  14. very fun trip! I am going to Utah next week…wondering if I can find out on your blog where you live…;)

  15. So I’m going along reading your post, when I come across the pictures of Courtenay and Stephanie. What a surprise! I taught both of them in seminary and just love those two! You’re lucky to have them as part of your family…and from the sounds of things, they are lucky to have you also!!

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