joanna’s backyard bridal shower

backyard BBQ bridal shower
My sister Joanna (who’s getting married this weekend) loves herself a backyard BBQ, and she loves would marry my dad’s brisket. So there really was only one theme I could think of that she would really enjoy for her bridal shower-BBQ/picnic! So here are some of the details, it was such a fabulous, fun night, and turned out exactly how I had imagined it. Joanna had a blast too, so that’s what really counts!
I made the little gingham table squares, using Dana from Made’s tutorial. I tied up little bundles of salt water taffy with some baker’s twine and a cute tag, for favors.
I hung this little Congratulation(S) banner, made from burlap and some fabric paint and stamps. There is an S at the end…it’s just shy and hiding behind the N.
a better view of the tables… (ignore the crooked tablecloth please)
The centerpieces are some tin buckets from Michaels, and tulips from Joann’s…I wanted to do fresh ones, but they’re aren’t many at the stores these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰
One of the games I planned was this picture banner of Joanna at different stages of life, the guests had to try and guess what age or year the picture was taken at. It was fun to embarrass Joanna!
I picked out some fun summer/picnic-y items for the prizes-at least the recipients have a few more weeks to use them, although we’ve been having a pretty cold summer here in Cali!
I made these fun accordion decorations using Disney’s tutorial.
Some yummy lemonade and refreshing ice water, accompanied by the cutest paper straws! (they did get a bit soggy by the end, btw)
the only picture I have of the guests-their hands.
hope someone else got some pictures!
We had my dad’s famous brisket (he has a smoker…yum), my Grandma’s famous potato salad, my mom’s famous, er, green salad? and some famous watermelon? lol. just kidding. anyways, it was scrumptious! (that fact should be obvious, as I had already eaten my watermelon when I took this pic, sorry)
Thanks all who helped with the food! (making and eating alike)
I made some pretty fantabulous if I do say so myself lemon cupcakes for dessert. I used this recipe for the cupcakes, and this one for the frosting, which was to die for!
I also made some last minute mini cheesecakes. I had made some strawberry sauce for Sadie’s party, but forgot to put it out, so I wanted to use it for something! They turned out pretty yummy, I think.
She’ll probably kill me for posting this picture, haha! We played the Newlywed question game, where her fiance Cody answered questions, and then she had to match them. For every wrong answer she had to eat another piece of bubble gum. She got a lot of them right, but ended up with 6 or 7 pieces, hehe.
We played another fun game, where I found a bunch of wedding stills from movies, blurred the faces out, and then they had to guess which movie the picture was from. It was fun to make-but pretty hard, I heard. muwahahaa. (that’s my evil laugh)
She loved opening her presents and got a lot of fun kitchen stuff, and a lot of fun-er-bedroom stuff. muwahahaaa. We’re gearing up for the wedding now, with family coming in, and lots to be done! Can’t wait!


  1. Very nice! I LOVE the done at home, handmade shower–so much nicer than a hall or restaurant where they limit what you can do and make you leave before you’re ready.
    And I’m jealous of your cool summer–our average here in Philly is in the 90s (I think. At least it feels that way).

  2. What an awesome party! The games sound fun and the food looks YUMMY. We had a lot of brisket while living in Texas.

  3. Well, HELLLOOOO Miss Party Planner! Looked awesome and sounds like it was a lot of fun!!

    P.S. If it’s been a cold summer lately in Cali, it will be nice coming to Utah. Nice and HOT! Actually, it hasn’t been real hot. It’s been hanging out around the 80s and 90s lately. So maybe hot for some, but not real hot for Utahns… ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. What a fun day for her! WoW!!! The food looked the bst! yuMMY!!! I’m totally craving lemon cupcakes now! mmmmmm….

  5. wow! that looks like it turned out beautifully! ๐Ÿ™‚ you did a great job on all the handmade decorations and i love all the sweet touches ๐Ÿ™‚ i just got a bunch of ideas for a shower i need to throw next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your parties are awesome!! You think of every detail! Love the picnic/BBQ theme.

  7. This is such a fun idea! It would be mighty hot and sticky here though;0) Enjoy your wonderful family wedding weekend!

  8. Omg! So cute! Y’all did a great job and what a neat (unique) theme! I wish I could have some brisket right now…

  9. What a wonderful party. I absolutely love the big drink bottles. What are they called so that I can see if I can track down something similar this side of the pond?

  10. Vicky- I’m not sure what they’re called, or even where my mom found them…they’re called drink dispensers, maybe? Sorry I couldn’t be more help..good luck!

  11. Thanks Jess. That was actually really helpful. I’ve just quickly googled “glass drinks dispenser” and found one (and only) on ebay being sold in my nearest City centre! Result. x.

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