lumberJACK photo shoot

  Our little Jack is turning ONE next week! How did that happen? anyway...I chose a lumberJACK party for him because how could I not? it's a perfect theme for his name! I decided to do a little photo shoot and display some of the photos at the party, so here are the best shots! I threw it together so it's kinda random, but I love how some … [Read more...]

my sister’s coral, grey, and yellow wedding

So, my second littlest sister got married a few weeks ago. eeshk! So happy for her and her new hubby. In unrelated news: I feel old. It was a family affair, capturing this wedding. My uncle was the main photographer, my dad did the videography, and I wandered around taking pics until they told me to move. Well, ok really I was in charge of … [Read more...]

bridal shower prep

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been gearing up this week for my sister's bridal shower! (ok, for quite a few weeks, haha we all know how I get with parties....) lots of fun game planning, decoration and favor making, recipe practicing, etc....I can't wait to see it all come together and to celebrate my sis and her cute … [Read more...]

Jo Totes camera bag review and giveaway!

So. We all love our cameras, right? I took the plunge and bought a Canon 5D Mark 3 (affiliate link) a few months ago. But holy crud not at that price thank the heavens...we got a good deal dad convinced me to upgrade to the umpteenth value, and Rory was surprisingly on so anyways. With this brand new-ish baby to protect, so … [Read more...]

newborn session with Rachelle Lee photography

My uber talented friend Rachelle from Rachelle Lee Photography did a newborn session the other week with Ava, and wow! I just can't get over how gorgeous these photos are! Rachelle has a knack for capturing the moment, right? Also the sparkle in her eye! It was the perfect photography session, relaxed and calm. She schedules plenty of time for … [Read more...]

newborn pictures

THANK YOU for all the lovely well wishes on Ava's birth here on the blog, FB, and Instagram!!! All the support and love is so fantastic and nice to read in the wee hours of the night while I'm up with her.Soo....I took some newborn pics yesterday-I just couldn't help it-she is so photogenic! (she doesn't get it from me) Our little Ava is doing … [Read more...]

a brand new Penny

My good friend Aimee asked me to take some newborn shots of her new daughter, Penny, so I said, "uh let me think about this reeeally hard.....YES!" I had so much fun taking these simple shots of her. Nakey baby pics are so adorable.She was only about a week old when we took these-which is perfect timing for newborn shots, or so I read. Look at me, … [Read more...]

Itsy Photography shoot and giveaway!

Ok, get ready to freak out over the cuteness. Seriously. I took Charlotte to get her one year old pictures taken by the fantastic Ela of Itsy Photography this week, and it was great! She did a great job coaxing smiles out of Charlotte, and she was so professional and quick! (key with kiddos, lol) You may recognize Charlotte's shirt in this … [Read more...]

Say NO! to Auto E-book review and giveaway

***this giveaway is now closed*** When Kristen Duke asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing her e-book, Say NO! to Auto, I said YES! Like any blogger, photography kinda comes with the territory, and if there's one thing I've figured out about ANYthing, is there's always something more to learn! [The Leah top] I loved how her e-book could … [Read more...]

some new pics!

While we were in Utah last week, we were able to meet up with my cousin Jenni (photographer extraordinaire-here's her website: Apple Green Photography-cute name, right?) for some updated family shots. All of us were in less than stellar moods, but somehow Jenni prevailed and whipped us into some sort of shape-and got the money shots! I mean, they … [Read more...]