KCW: liberty heart Nessie top

liberty heart Nessie top

One more project for KCW that’s been on my list for awhile-I really wanted to make a Nessie sweatshirt with a liberty heart on the front. So I did it. Can I get a huzzah for crossing things off your list!? *huzzah!*

Anyways. It’s SUPER cozy. Sadie wasn’t thrilled about our photo shoot which was in the morning when it was still a little chilly. When I showed her what I made her she was really excited that it was so warm! Don’t know how much longer we’ll need cozy tops here in Cali, but it’s still cold in the mornings lately. Otherwise, spring has come a bit early here.

liberty heart Nessie top

I love the swingy Nessie silhouette!

liberty heart Nessie top

liberty heart Nessie top

I sewed up a 4T in this light grey terry knit from Girl Charlee. It worked great, but it’s not the stretchiest so the neckline could’ve looked better. Luckily I was totally going for the wide necked 80’s sweatshirt look. er… I used some of my PRECIOUS (Gollum voice) Liberty stash for this project. As I only needed an 10×10″ piece, it was doable for me and my hoarding tendencies. It pairs perfectly with the grey, right? I didn’t want to lose the lovely drape that Liberty has, so I simply pinned it in place and sewed around the edge with a tight zig zag. No fusible stuff for me this time. Turned out a little wonky around the edges but a nice steam from the iron worked it all out.

liberty heart Nessie top


  1. That is one cute top! I’d make one for myself since finding simple modest tops is agonizing (& I’m only a fan of shopping for craft supplies, sewing and well, basically anything that isn’t clothes or food). BTW I’m NOT a 4T anymore! I’d make it for my grand-daughters.
    I’d love to have your ‘chilly’…ours today is -27C. fahrenheit or Celsius it is COLD out there! Of course cold is all relative isn’t it?
    Thanks for your skill at designing patterns, I appreciate the skill and time you take to do this and then share it with us.

  2. Jess- You have the Bernina 330, right? I’m thinking of getting it–do you use a walking foot with it, or have you found you don’t need it?

    • I do! I haven’t used the walking foot much to be honest, the control is just so much better than my old Brother that I haven’t needed it much! it’s still nice to have just in case, though!

  3. oh jess!!! this is totally totally cute. I need that pattern, I think I have it? Anyway, the heart on top is just super precious and I’m sure the terry is super cozy. :)))

  4. oh smart smart smart! I have an oversized sweatshirt with oversized heart dancing around my head for Em too…and I have a few fat eighths of liberty that i don’t know what to do with…so they might be twinsies! can’t decide about floral or just black/metallic. ANYWAY. sadie is adorable even with the morning grumps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. that is soooo cute! What a great idea!! I have some liberty stashed away….I love that it doesn’t use much!

  6. Very pretty. I’m incredibly lucky to live in London, and have access to a very cheap shop for Liberty fabric. We have a tiny local fabric shop crammed with Liberty fabrics for about ยฃ11 per meter. I visited the actual Liberty store recently, and the fabrics were twice the price.

  7. Love this!!!

  8. Cute top! I love sewing sweatshirts for my little ones. There are so many cute terry and fleece fabrics out there. Wow, Sadie is growing up fast! It’s fun to see how your girls are changing through the years that I’ve been following your blog. What are you going to do when they’re teenagers and don’t want to wear homemade clothes!!??

  9. Hey Jess, I need some advice! I sew a ton, like a ton, and have recently started sewing with knits. I find that despite my efforts with the double needle in hemming everything, the seams are still bursting. Grrrrrrr. Any suggestions? Kids can be hard on clothes, so it would be nice to make their clothes just as durable as the store bought stuff. I have tried adjusting tension and stitch length but to no avail. Help!

    • Hey! Sorry I won’t be much help, my double needle works well…maybe look up how to set it up with your machine? Sorry!

    • I’m still VERY new to sewing with knits, but I’m taking Meg McElwee’s knits class on Craftsy and she recommends using Maxi-Lock serger thread in your bobbin. It’s stretchy almost like elastic thread but you don’t have to hand wind it. You use it with regular thread on top and it just gives the stitches a little more stretch than normal. Another thing to consider is stabilizing your hem with a thin strip of fusible interfacing for knits.

  10. What a super simple, but really effective idea. I have some plain t-shirts waiting to be made more pretty…I suspect one of them will end up with a big flowery heart on it!

    Can’t believe your spring is on the way…I’m fairly sure the winter has not yet arrived in full force here in the UK!

  11. This is my fave! So so cute… I too have some liberty (a little bit) to use up- this would be perfect! Sadie looks adorable all freshly woken and photographed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Betsy Maness says

    Hi, I’m going to make one of these today for my granddaughter! Can I ask how large you heart was and how far down from the neckline did you place it?

  13. This is super top. Sadie is a great model and you have photographed her beautifully. Thanks, Preethi.

  14. Lovely! You have such a good taste to pick the perfect fabrics.

  15. Just made my little one a sweatshirt Nessie top with this http://www.girlcharlee.com/half-yard-sparkle-peace-heart-on-blue-cotton-jersey-sweatshirt-knit/primp-p-8696.html fabulous fabric. Can’t wait for her to wear it! Thanks for giving me the idea and thanks for the perfect pattern. I love making these tops.

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