Nessies and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

I had a baby shower a few weeks ago for an old friend-well she’s not old, just…well you know.ย  I’ve known her forevers.

Anyways, she’s having her first baby-(a girl!) so I knew I wanted to shower her with homemade goodies. She’s got amazing style so I tried to pick fabrics out that were stylin’…haha who knows if I succeeded but I tried…lol!

I had to whip up a 3-6 mo Geranium. It’s my go to dress pattern. I sewed it up in some uber soft Nani Iro…it was a little hard to sew something up with it since my hoarder tendencies were coming to the surface, but I imagined it on a little bubs…and just couldn’t not make it. Dang Nani Iro is fantastic fabric.

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

I added gold buttons on the back because…gold. BLING BLING

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

I was making another pair of moccs (affiliate link) for Ava so I cut out a teensy 0-3 mo size and sewed them both up assembly line style. Love the coral color! It matches the dress perfectly! (Faux leather from this shop)

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

For some casual wear, down the road (these outfits are 6-12 mo) I made some Nessie tops and Go-to Leggings! (affiliate link)

Ohmigorsh this mint stripe is the bomb dot com. Such a great weight and color. I added the Peter Pan collar option, and used a bit of lovely Joel Dewberry.

This fabric is great for the collar since it’s really lightweight and drapey. The leggings I made with some heathered red jersey. (same as this shirt)

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

Stripes and Floral! I love this combo on babes. Just too darn cute. I went for a more dramatic, graphic look with this outfit.

Some jersey knit (which is really too thin for the Nessie pattern but I made it work), and some great black and white stripe knit. All knits are from Girl Charlee!

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

I made quick work of this Bapron, thanks to some pre made adorable bias tape from this etsy shop.

I’m thinking I need to stock up on more.

MUCH more.

Nessie and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

Aaaand some bows and headbands. I pretty much got carried away here. I used a few bow tutorials and just winged it with the gold bow.

The coral flower is leftover from Project Run and Play All-stars-the headband broke and you betcha I pulled off the flowers to re-use! lol.

The mustard, charcoal, and peach bows are made with this tutorial and pattern, and the blue and white one are the Oliver and S pattern.


  1. This is absolutely adorable… Really fabulous, your friend is soooooo lucky!

  2. I would probably have another baby if you made stuff for it. I can’t think of any other incentive strong enough.

  3. Such a lucky little girl, to have these wonderful presents in her wardrobe. And you are an amazing friend. to shower your friend with these thoughtful and beautiful gifts. Love it!

  4. Wow. that’s a whole wardrobe! So generous and very, very stylin’ !!

  5. Your work is amazing, plain and simple. This is one lucky little baby girl!

  6. So adorable and i am sure this generous helping of handmades will be SO loved.

  7. Jess, I am dying! You should design for a clothing line at some fancy shop…or something! I LOVE your taste in each of these outfits! I’m obsessed!!!

  8. Lucky friend! I love your choice of fabric for that cute geranium!

  9. LOVE the fabric! And your bows are presh! Where do you get such cute elastic? Rae’s patterns are so awesome. I’ve made the little tiny (free) geranium three times now for nieces, and I can crank one out in three hours. Been putting off getting the bigger pattern until now! So cute!

  10. SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!!!! What great baby shower gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love tiny Geraniums! This is adorable…. and those tiny moccasins match the dots in the dress perfectly! I love all the headbands too.

  12. Jubilant Nest says

    It’s all so adorable!

  13. you are just the best gifter around, seriously. i mean look at all that! so awesome. i can’t wait until C is big enough to use his baprons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Your friend is one lucky lady! I love your Bapron Pattern. My baby always has the problem with regular bibs riding up and eventually ending up in her face… so yay! Totally buying your pattern. If the pattern ever evolves you should totally add a pocket to the bottom to “catch” things ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dude! Super lucky recipient of wonderful gifts! All those colors and prints are just perfect.

  16. The outfits are all so cute but I especially love the stripes and floral! That is one lucky baby!

  17. Where do you buy your elastic for headbands? And what about your felt – is it from the craft store or actually wool? (And if it’s wool, where do you find it?) I am a novice sewer and there is NO WAY I could sew so many cute clothes, but I might be able to do the headbands…

    • aw thanks! I get my elastic at Ribbon Retreat, and etsy. The felt is a wool blend, usually from ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Oh wow, what a stash!! My favourite is the dress right at the top ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. You have the best taste in fabric ever. I seriously want to give you $100 and let you buy my next fabric order for me. Lol.

    These are adorable, can’t wait to get my own nessie pattern.

  20. TOO TOO CUTE!!! No one can top this baby gift… she is going to be the most stylish baby girl ever!

  21. Holy smokes. I now officially feel terrible about every baby gift set I’ve ever given. You’ve really gone above and beyond here, you must have a lot of love for this friend. She will no doubt be very grateful.

    Also, THOSE LINED UP STRIPES ON THE LEGGINGS!!! They deserve their own recognition.

    But really, bravo on it all!!

  22. Such great presents! I love everything! What a lucky receiver! Where did you buy all the headbands from?

  23. Such an overload of cuteness!!

  24. Like the Bapron : Really need pattern !

    Now I need to follow your other crafts. Shelby

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