Happy Birthday Rory.

Ni-ice. Sorry Rory, but you know the rule now, embarassing pictures on your birthday are a must! Happy Birthday hun. Every year that goes by is more and more fun with you around. Thanks for all you do! Go buy yourself a video game or something! (Rory is soo easy to shop for) Pizza night tonight, don’t be late!

Rory’s cupcakes for work…they kinda look like fried eggs, but still yummy. I made the marshmallow fondant, it was way easy! I used this recipe.

Good practice for Sadie’s birthday…Oooh. I have big plans. Can’t wait.


  1. Happy Birthday to Rory! Hope you guys have a fun day celebrating!

  2. Happy birthday from South Carolina!!!! Pizza party just like the old days;0)

  3. What’s embarassing about a bowl hair cut and a bright blue bow-tie? haha! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday to Rory! TFS that awesome pic. 🙂

  5. awesome! haha
    happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday Rory! Have fun celebrating.

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