winner! oh and happy birthday to sadie.

kamille is our winner! sadie selected the winner personally this time, i only thought it fair since it was her birthday giveaway. 🙂

happy birthday to sadie! that will be another post when i have time. i gotta go back a cake now.

she’s so grown up! agh.

a look at her birth story here.


  1. yay!! i can’t believe i won! i never win anything. i’m so excited!

    oh and ps…i was totally flattered from your comment about getting out of bed to check my blog…hehe. i do stuff like that all the time too!

    where should i send you my address?

  2. oh and happy birthday to sadie, most importantly!

    (sorry my internet is being slow and posted my last comment twice for some reason…)

  3. yay! i was happy it was you too! you can send your address to my email:


    oh, and thanks for the spice recipe!

  4. Very cute birthday shirt! Have fun Celebrating Sadie today:)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one! Sadie you are so cute! I wish we could see the fab party your super mom is throwing you!!! Have a deluxe day

  6. Happy Birthday, Sadie! I’m sure you must be swamped with birthday party things…otherwise why would you b-a-c-k a cake? hehe!

  7. yes, but “back”ing a cake is much more difficult than baking. it’s very specific and tricky. and fancy. and i’m making it up. sigh. yes i am swamped.

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