Well, we successfully surprised Rory tonight! Can you tell? (notice the box of diapers in his hands.) giggle.

I couldn’t have done it without all of our friends and family…thanks to all who helped, especially Janae and Joanna, they did all the set up and decorating, while watching Sadie. I got to chill out at Red Robin with my hunny and come home to a party all set up! I’m doing surprise parties from now on! haha. jk.
They did such an awesome job with the balloons and streamers…it was so festive!

We had our table set up with funny pictures of Rory and a jar of Reese’s pieces that you could win if you guessed how many were in it. There were 418 (yes, I counted, and it only took like 3 minutes), and Joanna guessed 401, so she won! (Jarom also guessed 401, but there were also 4 other votes with his name on them…so he was disqualified.) lol.

Rory was pretty surprised! I thought I was being so obvious and figured he had SOME idea, but nope. We got him. Woohoo!

Yummy cake…chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, what else for Rory? Recipe for the cake here, and the frosting here.

Only six candles, but I didn’t want to spend the money on 29 of them. Rory is such on old fart! haha.

The cupcakes had R’s on them, Janae did the Reese’s pieces ones and I did the piped ones. yum! We had a bunch leftover.

Of course after everyone left, we had to have some fun with the decorations!

Ah, my mature husband.


  1. Looks like such a fun party! I loved the cake! P.S. Our hubbies are the same age…only 17 days apart! 😉

  2. Any excuse to hang out is a good one! haha! Happy Birthday, Rory! (He’s not that old…I’m only a year behind him. You are just still a child. hehe.)

  3. FUN!!!!

  4. What a great surprise party guys!!!

  5. John and Rory are like the same age!!! Awesome par-tay!!

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