Happy (late) Birthday JoBo!

Oh don'tcha love me? I love you! muwahaha...So, here's to: saying the same things at the same time, watching PB and GG, quoting endless dumb movies, word G-man, Roll.. Snowflake, spending quality time with our pals Ben and Jerry, and generally having a blast together whenever we're together. I'm glad to have you as a sister, and glad we survived … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Twinners!

Happy Birthday, guys!Sorry about the pictures....but not really. They ARE pretty awesome. Dontcha think?I think you two are pretty awesome as well.P.S. Beware Joanna, your turn is coming next week... … [Read more...]

Poor baby…Happy birthday!

Today it POURED. I had to go to the post office, so that was interesting not getting her wet on the way in and out. People were giving me the LOOK, the you're-a-bad-parent-cause-you-took-your-baby-out-in-the-rain look. Whatever! She was dryer than me, and happy as can be. We had a playdate today with Rayne, Payton, and Gage. Of course the mommies … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to me…

I'm 24 now!! I don't feel any different! haha. This is what I woke up to this morning, isn't Rory sweet? He even scrambled some eggs, which, for those of you who don't know him, he hates! lol. That's love! He still owes me flowers though. My wonderful mother in law watched the baby while we (Mom, Grandma, Janae, Joanna, and Cassy) went to Todai's … [Read more...]

Party time!

Last night was Julia's birthday get together, so I wanted to help with her cake and have my Mom teach me some cake tips. It was super fun, and we all ate a lot of frosting along the way. Birthday girl, baby, and shirt #1 Oooh ahhh. Yeah I know it's just a cake, but the frosting is good at least! Some rudimentary dots, words, and birdie Top o' … [Read more...]

Happy late Birthday Julia!

Well, I did say happy birthday on your birthday to you, but anyways, Happy Birthday to my littlest sister! I love that you love Sadie so much and even are excited to change her diapers! Even Rory isn't excited for that! (I don't blame him sometimes though) I know you can't wait til you're old enough to babysit her, and now you're a bit closer. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Rayne!

Saturday was Rayne's second birthday party, but today is her actual birthday, sooo Cassy tell her from Caca and Rory and Sadie- Happy Birthday Rayne! The theme was Princesses, and Cassy made a super cute pink crown cake (which yours truly frosted) and fun food that you can see on her blog. The spinach dip was YUM. I think I ate half of it! lol. … [Read more...]

Licensed to eat Sushi

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. :-DHAppy Birthday Mom! We celebrated by going to the DMV, since both of us needed to renew our licenses. I got to take a new picture! Yay! No more picture from when I was fifteen with frizzy summer hair and a bag slung over my shoulder. Of course, I don't think this one will be much better. Isn't there a rule that … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Rory!

He's 28 today. Getting to be an old fart! haha. just kidding hun. This post is being done in orange, in honor of Rory's favorite color. We're not really celebrating tonight cause he has Scouts. (what a diligent guy!) We will probably celebrate by tearing down more stuff in the house! Which is probably what he would have liked anyways. lol. Happy … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday JoBo!

Today is my little sister's 18th birthday! I can't believe it. She is NOT allowed to be that old yet. Last week was my twin brother and sister's 16th! How are they all grown up already? Oh well. Anyways, I made some cupcakes in Joanna's honor to bring to work. (where she, my brother Jarom, Rory, Rory's dad and brother, and I all work) They were a … [Read more...]