recipe: cinnamon swirl cookies

A friend of mine (hi Lauren!) brought over these cookies awhile ago and I just about fought off the kids and Rory so that I could eat the last one...they are THAT good. And this is coming from a choco-holic. They are delicious...perfectly cinnamon bun-esque! They aren't quick cookies since you have to chill them a few times, but trust me, … [Read more...]

peanut butter bars

I've been making these for YEARS and to this day, when people see them on the counter they shout hooray. Literally. Ok maybe not literally (maybe that's just me) but they usually get pretty darn excited. These are delish but make sure you're making them for a crowd. You'll make yourself sick eating them. Ask me how I know. (or, how Rory … [Read more...]

fudge recipes and free printables!

        We just got back from a lovely trip along the Milky Way to Disneyland, and wow we had fun, but I did not factor in all the Christmas prep time I would lose! I usually do a treat box full of different delectable delights (the DDD box, if you will), but I knew it was pushing it to try that this year with all the other stuff I had to get … [Read more...]

recipe: homemade oreos

I hosted play date at our house the other week and decided to make these homemade oreos instead of my go to chocolate chip. It's safe to say I think I made the right decision. These have a great balance of salty & sweet, and the cookies are crunchy but not crumbly. I made up my own recipe for the filling on the fly, and I think it tasted pretty … [Read more...]

recipe: chocolate and peanut butter brownies

So, Rory doesn't really text. Ever. If I text him I get no response or maybe a one word answer. I know what you're thinking...what the heck does texting have to do with chocolate peanut butter brownies? Well let me tell you. I got a text from Rory with a link to this recipe. Nothing else. I'ma like "you want me to make these?" and hesa like … [Read more...]

orange creamsicle pops for Color your Summer!

Hey guys! I'm psyched to be guest posting today over on Delia Creates, for Delia and Kirstin's Color Your Summer series!  It's been fabulous so far, right? I decided to play around with a recipe this time, although popsicles hardly count as a recipe, as you'll makes them perfect for the kids to help though! These pops are sweet, … [Read more...]

snickerdoodle brownies

Ok, so these aren't true chocolate. But I just have this need to call them just let me, k? I am a self proclaimed chocoholic, so the fact that I'm posting these lets you know how scrumptious they are! Full of cinnamon and brown sugar, they are moist, tender, and the top is all crunchy sweet. YUmmm....I think I'll go have … [Read more...]

chocolate, pecan, and caramel "Turtle" cupcakes

"Heaven in a cupcake" is what these should be called. I had absolutely no self control when it came to this caramel frosting. Seriously. I pretty much ate it by the spoonful. (after they were all frosted of course...most of them were at least...) It's pretty darn delicious on a graham cracker too...just sayin'.  If you've never made swiss meringue … [Read more...]

Christmas cookie box (and recipes!)

  I spent last week baking my little heart out. I love baking. Not the dishes so much, but they don't go away no matter how hard I try to ignore them, so I guess they come with the territory. It's so relaxing for me, and luckily the girls love to "help". Until they get bored and go make messes and change clothes a million times per day. (Sadie, … [Read more...]

Soup of the Day guest post

Hey all! I'm over at Delia's blog today with one of my favorite soup recipes ever! A delicious-with-a-kick white chicken chili. Yum...I always crave this soup when it gets chilly outside. It’s a creamy, spicy white chicken chili that I could seriously eat a whole pot of by myself (over time, of course… know….like a few days ;) …and I have … [Read more...]