happy birthday bum

yesterday was my brother jarom’s birthday, and today i realized i hadn’t done an embarassing picture of him yet. and, since i’ve had this picture picked out since i started doing this, i couldn’t NOT post it. sorry bum.

wow, betcha didn’t know how good he looked in blond, eh, stephanie? hehe.

anyways, happy birthday bro. please don’t hate me too much for this pic.

p.s. i’ve posted the answer to the two truths and a lie in the comments for that post! go see if you were right!


  1. AHHHHH HAHAHAHHAHA awesome!!! I was waiting to see that picture! I’ve heard a lot about it!!! Thats funny!!! He’s lucky to have an older sister to embarrass him so! 🙂

  2. So every time I check your blog you have a new background. haha! Great pic of Jarom. I love him with long hair!!

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