dino bash outfit

This girl is 3 now! yikesabee. As you may have seen, she had a girly Dino Bash for her birthday party this year! One of the things I like to do for birthdays is make a party outfit that fits with the theme for my girls. See past birthday outfits here, here, here, and here. Next up: Sadie's ballerina party outfit. I'm thinking....tutu and a … [Read more...]

KCWC: hot air balloon tee and applique skirt

Outfit #3! a skirt and shirt combo...with my favorite color combination right now-coral and gold! (obviously) I drafted this cap sleeved slightly gathered neckline top, then stamped the heck out of it with my hot air balloon stamp and some gold paint. I got lazy with the sleeves and haphazardly sewed them under 1/8", but whatevs. It fits and I was … [Read more...]

baby gifts are adorable, no? plus a mini tutorial!

A good friend of mine had a darling baby girl a few months back, and I totally forgot to share what I made her! Just some simple gifts-appliqued onesies, a blanket, and a onesie/skirt combo. I used some new dies for my Go Baby cutter, and they were perfect for this type of project. Easy and quick...the bread and butter of us crafters, … [Read more...]

the seaweed is always greener…

So first off...thank you SO much for your sweet words on Tuesday's post. I appreciate them so much! And look-I sewed something! Ok it's not ground breaking...just a little outfit for Sadie's under the sea party this weekend! (she's really excited about turning four can you tell!?) I sewed up a quick elastic waisted skirt and added a ruffled tube … [Read more...]

Mockingjay tee

My sister and I have been planning to make these Mockingjay tees for when the first movie comes out NEXT MONTH! Can you tell I'm excited. *hyperventilates into a paper bag*If you haven't read the Hunger Games series, you probably live under a rock. And if you do, kudos to you for figuring out the internet under that rock. ;) just kiddin'.But … [Read more...]

my new baby…

lol, just to be clear, I am SO not pregnant, but did I getcha? Even a little bit? nope? oh well. That's what I get for pulling such a lame "joke".  Anywho, I was referring to my new GO! Baby cutter that the nice folks at AccuQuilt sent me! I admit, I was a little intimidated by the box when it arrived, thinking it would be hard to figure out...but … [Read more...]

guest post-framed fabric silhouette

Check out my quick and easy gift idea over on Creation Corner's Handmade Christmas series today! I'm sure there are going to be some AWEsome ideas for handmade gifts. I can't wait to get some ideas! :D Re-posted below: You'll need: heat n bond fabric scraps scissors pencil for tracing picture to trace fabric or hot glue frame (not … [Read more...]

baby gift

My cousin's wife Courtenay is having a baby boy, right around the time I am! (Like, our due dates are within a week of each other) She also happens to be my sister in law Stephanie's sister. Yep, the sisters married cousins. She actually introduced my brother and Steph. ;)I don't often (ok, never, pretty much) look at boy fabric at the fabric … [Read more...]

pillow love

You've probably seen the scrappy flower pillow from Anthropologie floating around the web, right? Anyways, if you haven't, mine looks exactly like it. har har. Well, it was a lot cheaper anyways. I hear the original pillow was like $88! YoWzAS!I made this one for my sister Janae's birthday. She's quite a vivacious girl, loves her color, and the … [Read more...]

soft color book

ok, i just figuratively arm-wrestled blogger into posting these pictures. for some reason it loaded the first three pics fine, and then wouldn't let me do the other two. grrr. i won though. nya nya nah blogger.i think this is my new favorite project, i seriously love looking at it! i used this tutorial. loving all the scrappy tutorials coming out … [Read more...]